Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Yet another delay... (NOT a vacation!)

As you probably noticed... 

... I'm slow in answering the last Challenge.  This time, I'm not in Fiji (alas), but I'm flying all around the east coast of the US.  I left the Googleplex last Thursday, and will be in motion for 15 days, giving talks here and there, attending various Information School board meetings, and teaching classes on how to be a better searcher.  

You'll be happy to know that most of the material in my "better searcher" classes is almost completely drawn from SearchResearch.  So your comments and thoughts over time have worked their way deep inside the structure of my classes.  

Today, I'm here. (Can you figure out where this is?  warning, there's no EXIF metadata here...)

I'm heading to Pensacola (Florida) to give a talk about "Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Machine Intelligence?  Does it matter to the user?"  

It probably won't surprise you to learn that I don't think it matters, but the user has to understand what the system is doing, and that means giving some kind of explanation or story about what's going on. 

In a sense, this is what SearchResearch is all about:  How can we learn how to use all of the online research tools available to us?  There are many; what are they and how do they work? 

We don't need to know the fine detail about how the Google algorithm works, but we have to have a mental model for what it will do when we make particular kinds of queries.  That's a key skill.  If you don't know, you'll be surprised when a totally random query like [beelzebub dandelion tensor] gives you over 5K results. 

In any case, I'm actually writing the answer, but all of this time in airports takes a chunk out of my time--as does preparing for the talks, classes, and meetings.  

I'll get back to you, though, probably later this week.  This is a particularly interesting Challenge, so I want to get it right!   Thanks to everyone who's commented.  I appreciate all of your thoughts and SearchResearch!  

Searching on... 



  1. Safe travels from Washington National Airport (we don't use that other name).

    Image search [ national airport windows ]

  2. That's DCA (Washington-Reagan Airpot)! I happen to live nearby so I'm familiar, but the Ben's Chili Bowl sign is a dead giveaway.

  3. I tried looking for airports with both a Chapel and a Pet Relief Area and these are the ones that came up: Miami International Airport, FL; Tampa International Airport, FL; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, GA; Charlotte Douglas International Airport, NC; Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ; John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY; Philadelphia International Airport, PA; Washington Dulles International Airport, VA;

    However, an image search for the ones above, showed that those searchers were correct. I also noticed from your schedule that you spoke in D.C. last night, so I suspected that you were leaving this morning.

  4. Search by Image. Replace the suggested "architecture" search string with [ airport ]. Visually Similar Images give a lot of DCA photos, the first one almost from the same exact spot: http://www.flyreagan.com/sites/default/files/ri-01_natl_hall_morning.jpg

  5. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
    My first search was for "Groin vault open truss airport lobby"
    The search that got me the photo was "Beautiful U.S. Airport Terminal"

  6. is there a 'secret congressional entrance' @ Reagan Nat'l?
    concourse video courtesy of Emmanuel Lacsamana's search
    an AA forum… might have to join AA to fly through?
    National history
    …if Dan traveled back in time – security lines were in the future… but no groin vaults either:
    Hoover… not J. Edgar
    Brehon B. Somervell & Leslie Groves replaced Hoover with…
    the ⬠
    Washington Hoover

  7. image search: airport with arches east coast

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  9. Look to the restaurant logo on the left. Look for ["Chili Bowl" restaurant]. The phrase ["Chili Bowl"] only takes you to "Chili Bowl Midget Nationals" which is not related. I thought there were flames above the bowl, but the logo actually says "Ben's Chili Bowl" and "Ben's" makes the false flames. Look for ["Ben's Chili Bowl"]. Go to their page: http://benschilibowl.com/ and check for restaurant locations. One of them is: Reagan National Airport, 1 Aviation Cir Arlington VA, 20002, Pre-Security Terminal B/C. The picture at http://benschilibowl.com/locations/reagan-national-airport/ shows that the text to the right (and slighlty below) the logo is "Dogs". Which fits the shape of the text in your pictute. Wikipedia shows a similar picture to your's at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Reagan_Washington_National_Airport stating it is: "National Hall connecting Terminals B and C" which is consistent with the address of the restaurant. And the final confirmation is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Reagan_Washington_National_Airport#/media/File:Reagan_Terminal_B-C.JPG
    I've never been to the US.

  10. I noticed the US flag in the far background, so I simply searched Google images with "US airport with tall arched windows chapel pet relief area". The string contains 5 characteristics, but 3 would have been sufficient. I cannot find any combination of 2 characteristics that would give the solution. Is that a type of rule of thumb with Google searches: that you need at least 3 distinct characteristics in order to get a positive result?

  11. I did it from memory alone :) But then I double checked using reverse image look up - cheating maybe but super fast!

  12. You are in Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Confirmed by numerous images on Google.

    jon tU

  13. Forgot to say your Home Page schedule includes this clue: October 23, 2017 "Advanced Search Skills" National Geographic Society, Washington, DC (invitation only) jon

  14. As with Jan above, I noticed Chili Bowl sign and was able to identify the location by googling "chili bowl restaurant" AND airport. Reagan International Airport came up as a location for Ben's Chili Bowl. Photos confirmed your image was taken at Reagan IA.

  15. …was surprised & disappointed that I missed so many of the clues in the photo…
    good reminder to REALLY look at the information given… I lack machine learning skills…
    the airport image

  16. Search [architecture airports interior arches] Google Images - Image Ronald Reagan Airport
    2nd search [ ronald reagan airport gates 1-22] https://imgur.com/a/7jLEk

    Hi everyone. I still read the searches and I will try and find time to respond. Still heavy into Spanish, Spain and Mexico. Nice to see all the oldies still hang out here. Hasta luego.

    1. an augmented repost…
      gatos anaranjados que buscan la capilla del alivio — maullido de absolución

      Spain is in tumult - as Sancho might remark, 'Si Don Q, the windmills are whirling with a wicked ferocity in the feckless calm… Dulcinea moans & weeps with a coy smile…'
      some Spaniards questing through the melting glacier of time… PP, JM, FJGYL
      a random eye sampling:
      Rocinante & Dapple
      the Hunter
      the Dog

      a snapshot from afar - from The Monkey Cage
      the WaPo MCage "aboot"

    2. I'm pretty sure Francisco included a laptop, pad, or mobile device as part of the coming tech inquisition imagery… what is it with Spaniards & intaglio/aquatint? maestros
      Capricho No. 23:Aquellos polvos(Those specks of dust)
      hello, specks of dust updated - may be a form of torture
      well, it does start with "g_o_…"
      Capricho No. 66: Allá va eso (There it goes)

  17. Hola, Rosemary, ha pasado un tiempo ... (¿Cómo está G'translate trabajando aquí?)
    un viejo.

  18. hastheblogbecomealog?bark&all
    Alma is coming… she's just a wee bit older than the iPhone… she & Helen should visit the 'Plex… it could be her next opera…
    Alma One
    she has a countdown clock…
    California (San Jose)
    stage left