Friday, August 9, 2013

Setting a timer on Google

Did you know... 

Google now handles timer requests?  

You can now do commands like: 

     [ set a timer for 5 AM ] 

     [ set a timer for 11 minutes ] 


You can do this via voice (VERY handy), and should you find the need, you can set up multiple windows, each with their own timer.   Note how I've changed the query to remind me what each timer is set for... ("chicken done" or "potatoes out of the oven" etc).  


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    1. Sorry about that. Forgot to click the share button...

  2. Good Morning, Dr. Russell it is very handy as you said and the trick to change the query is fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Dr. Russell, I tried a few things:

      [Set timer for 17:00] and [Set timer for 5:00 PM] both works.

      Also found that in Mexico timer uses GMT not the Mexico time.

  3. Nice, used to use lots of countdown timers in teaching so I can see this being another useful one for classroom contexts!

  4. Is this supposed to work on tablets too?