Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finding shadows in ball parks? An update. Version 2.

When I said it was going to be simple,
I didn't mean THAT simple!  

As Regular Readers quickly found out, Yankee Stadium (along with several other stadiums) offers online guides to sun and shade.  That's a handy thing to remember.  

But I want to up the ante just a little bit, and propose that we try to find a more general solution than that.  

So let me rewrite the Challenge just a bit: 

1.  My brother has changed his mind, and now he's going to see a baseball game at the Red Wings baseball stadium in Rochester, New York on June 11th.  The game starts at 1PM.  Where can I get a seat that will be both near the field and in the shade for the whole game?

Here's the picture of the stadium where the  Rochester Red Wings play.  They're a minor league baseball team based in Rochester, New York. They play in the International League farm team for the Minnesota Twins. They  play in Frontier Field, located in downtown Rochester. Founded in 1899, the Red Wings are the oldest continuously operating sports franchise in North America below the major league level.

To help you out, the field looks like this (see below), and is located at 43.1551745,-77.6196905 (lat, long). 

(I did a quick search and didn't find an online guide to sun / shade and seats at this particular place.)  

So can you help me figure this out?  The ideal solution could take any stadium and predict where the sun and shadows will be at 1PM on June 11.  

Search on! 


  1. For this new version:

    [ sun at lat long ]

    SunEarth Tools

    I searched Frontier Field, Rochester. And site gives results. Page shows different modes and still understanding how it works. If I understood correctly, you need seats in left garden. Shade will be in Plymouth Avenue

    [frontier field shade seats] Doesn't provide verification

    1. I tried different location. I understand that, according to SunEarth Tools: Shadows mean direction of the shadow produced for an object. And the direction of Sun rays. So I'll choose a seat from Home plate to third base

  2. not insurmountable
    too many variables - in my opinion - to find something that applies to any generic stadium…
    for Frontier Field specifically — ground truth - hard to know the time of the photo… assume early in the day, but by 1:00 PM the awning area, toward the out field first base line
    should be a safe bet… as the afternoon progresses the Sun should be setting behind the stands & the structure should provide shade for the spectators…
    Frontier Field — June
    July, 2016
    looking to the southeast during a PM game… 18 June 2007
    also 18 June 2007, in shade, late PM?
    wiki - Frontier Field
    there's always TV…
    seating & prices
    other considerations
    … play ball!…

    Estadio Azteca & bits
    gave Bing a look
    another view - Corona presence
    stadiums have their own social media…
    Yankee Stadium
    available for the 11th…
    is that you & your brother sitting behind the far dugout?
    up to $1600… doesn't Google have a box/suite there? or at least access…
    a baseball loving area

  3. I searched [shaded seating frontier field]. Lots of hits with viewer comments. Your people would likely do well behind home team dugout according to various comments. Did not find a specific diagram or promoters map either.

  4. … missing my first post again… perhaps Dan is "throwing shade" & I should take the hint… so much for ground truth examples, enjoy the balls & strikes.
    Frontier Field, late PM… orientation seems to show an abundance of shade in many spots… downtown Rochester still catching Sun
    swinging the 'big stick'

  5. Replies
    1. Hello Remmij! My first posts have been missing too. Luckily they appear some hours or days later.

      I love your photo of Dr. Russell in the stadium. Specially because the girl (in the orange blouse) looking at Dr. Russell looks surprised and amazed. It's like he really is there!

  6. He better get a move on. Scalper tix are going for as high as . . . $23 or so.

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    1. Thanks Dr. Russell. I think maybe the reason is that because you get as an email the approval request, maybe some of our posts are marked as spam. Good thing that we can re-publish the posts.

  8. may have been Blogger-bugized again since this didn't appear before the post marked June 9, 2017 at 12:48 PM, even though it was submitted earlier…
    just trying for continuity since - for me at least - one thing leads to another…
    Frontier Field oriented for the spectator's comfort - with the sun setting behind the stands, there's probably decent shade in the afternoons…
    harder on the outfielders though.
    looking west, scoreboard entrance, Frontier Field - note sun positions/August photos
    looking a little northwest, from Plymouth Ave.
    mmmmmm… pizza - scoreboard gate
    btw, how do they play with that on the field? — or do they take off before every game?
    infield tarpaulin parking (a different Frontier)

    the old days @ Silver Stadium
    the field
    shade at the old place
    played at Frontier, now at Capelli Sport Stadium - Roc Ro
    the Namesake/source/sponsor

  9. kinda Field(s) of Dreams, but definitely not Iowa…
    looks like the sun is in Ty's eyes as he saves Herman's noggin… and the goat abides.
    Iowa — almost 30 years ago
    the floss
    MLB 2017

  10. getting from there to there…
    probably just as well your brother passed on the Yankee/Oriole game…
    the Russkies are everywhere… watching the Yankees from Siberia…
    the Goo knowledge panel?… I guess it is the "quick answer box"
    Brooks Robinson & the Star Spangled Banner, 1814 - 1964
    on the tweet thingy… the Yanks on fire
    btw, the Frontier N227FR A320, Grizzly Bear is`Grizwald`, not to be confused with the A318 - N801FR, or the A320 - N211FR which share the Grizwald moniker… and even the same image, unlike N227FR, which is a different bear tail tale, but still 'Grizwald'…
    or even Clark Griswold, common spellin', but different.
    the tail wildlife of Frontier
    in toy form
    in PHX