Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Delay of game... (Oct 10, 2018)

I hate to do this to you... 

... because the answer to last week's Challenge is fun..  but I'm doing a tour of upstate New York this week.  I'm teaching at Cornell today and the University of Rochester tomorrow.  

"Far above Cayuga's waters..."  
Cornell University

As a side-effect, I've had no time to write up my answer to the "Can you make a video?" Challenge. 

BUT... I'll have time this weekend, so I'll post my solution next Monday, October 15.  

Keep searching (and making those videos) until then! 

In the meantime, I'll be teaching (and occasionally looking for the color changes in the fall leaves... which I have to admit, seem rather muted this season).  

Search on! 


  1. reminded me of that old 1937 Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka attack on Cornell… the Guernica of the Empire State - Picasso considered it
    those vintage postcards are all the rage now and sell for as much as $7.49…
    fortunately, things are much more peaceful these days…

  2. Good Morning, while we are on delay of game, found this piece that I think Dr. Russell will like. And maybe more will enjoy too. The unexpected origins of music's most well-used terms

    1. Ramón - do those BBC - all I see is 'this content not available in your location.' - videos play off the site in MX? don't work in this country… left to search for them.
      The Devil's Music Part 2 - All American Collection - BBC Four
      Big Joe - all 9 and the heel toe tap

    2. Hi Remmij. Yes I have the same experience with videos. And, with the written history, learned a lot and discovered new things for me. That is why I shared even with videos not working. Also thought, maybe in The United States, they could work. Thanks for posting new links

    3. In English:

    4. Thanks for posting in English, Dr. Russell. Today, I searched and found this article that I think will be of interest of you and others. Pompeii: Vesuvius eruption may have been later than thought

  3. …will try this again…
    checked Dan's caption… very melodic, but not Top 40…
    Far Above Cayuga's Waters
    Cornell University's alma mater
    Goo books… Songs of Cornell
    UoR… not to be left out
    University of Rochester
    "The song most often sung at college events, led often by the school's many a cappella groups, is The Genesee, written by former Rochester student Thomas Thackeray Swinburne (Class of 1892). Although less frequently used, the university also has an official Alma Mater, The Dandelion Yellow."
    The Dandelion Yellow

  4. how far away is Cornell? Is that the satellite campus?
    sunrise(s) or sets?