Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (10/5/11): What are those things in the desert?

To begin with, I still haven't figured out the symbolism of the Tyn Church multi-steeples.  In fact, I haven't even found a decent explanation of why they're so complicated.  We'll work on this going forward.  Stay tuned. 

Onto new business.  

Today's search challenge is in this picture.  Any idea what it is?  (Or can you find the best possible theory about what it is?)   I'll tell you a couple of things about it...  The structures shown are ~2000 years old (give or take).  

And I'll spare you searching the entire globe for this... it's at lat/long: 26.00053, 40.48997

There's a very nice solution to this little search challenge.  

Can you find it?  (To put it another way, it took me longer to write this post than to solve it!)  

Search on! 


  1. You're right—given the coordinates, the search is easy:

    I looked for "near Al Hayit" and found

    "The most striking are the so-called “kites,” the remnants of long stone walls most likely built by groups of hunters to trap game; the walls outline the shape of a child’s kite. But the kites are huge: The “body” is a wall enclosing a corral-like space often 100 or more meters (328') across. The “tails,” two or more walls running out from the head, are typically each a few hundred meters long, but they can be as long as two or three kilometers (1.2–1.8 mi). On the ground, however, kites are almost impossible to find, because the walls, built of basalt boulders, are only about a meter (3') wide and their surviving height is seldom over half a meter, making them nearly invisible on a landscape already thickly strewn with the same rock."

  2. Well this is my path:
    1_ google maps "loc: 26.00053,40.48997" => "al hayit"
    2_ google images "al hayit ground" => ""
    3_ From there I extracted the term: “works of the Old Men”
    4_ Google Search: "works of the Old Men" => ""

    For whom want to read a little more search (in the last site) for "Although this is the greatest concentration of kites" and read beyond to the end.