Saturday, January 30, 2010

About this blog--Why SearchReSearch?

I've been tempted for quite a while to create a blog. But I was finally pushed over the edge when i realized that there are too many good ideas about how-people-search, too many fascinating tales of mystery and woe that should be told, too many little morceaux that should be shared.

Seems to me that's what a blog is all about: Writing a little bit each week to crystallize an idea into a meaningful collection so that the combination of small strokes becomes a big IDEA.

I have to warn you before you start reading: In the back of my head, I want something tangible to emerge from this. Ideally, a book, or a series of books, about how people search... how they research... and how they get good at doing this.

When you think about it, search is not something you're born with--there's no inherent, latent skills for research (the way there is, say, for walking or spitting). Some people are really good at it, others just never quite get the basics.

That's what this blog is about: What skills, tricks, tips, ideas (both small ideas and big IDEAs) should you know in order to be an effective searcher? Better yet, which of these combine to make you a great researcher?

And, is there a difference between search and research?

Yes, there is. But you'll have to read along to find out what the difference is. Stay tuned. This blog will have moments of sublime insight; it will also have moments of pure personal reflection... but I'll try to stay on task. If you visit often, you'll learn a great deal about search, searching, researching, and co-incidentally, web search engines.

And, to give my non-disclosure up-front: I work at Google, and while I'll probably give lots of Google-specific hints and tips, I'll also give other search engine features from time-to-time as I find them useful or compelling (or even just really interesting).

-- Begin searching!
-- Dan --

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  1. I'm starting this blog from the very beginning. It will be interesting to see how the thought progresses over time! Thanks for creating such an interesting blog Dan.

    Hashem Elassad