Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (Feb 2, 2011): How do I replace the little blue light on my ThinkPad?

Here's a real problem that happened just last week... 

A Thinkpad T400 developed a problem with the little blue light that comes on when you hit FN+home.  (That keyboard shortcut turns on a light to illuminate your keyboard.)  

     Can you figure out how to replace the little light on a T400??  

Obviously, I don't want to have you actually tell me how to replace the light, but if you can find the web document that tells me how to replace it, that would be perfect. 


Search on! 

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  1. The following search in Google [ replace * keyboard light thinkpad ] brought me to a page with the title: Keyboard light is not working ( Here I learned that the keyboard light is part of the "LCD ribbon cable".

    I decided that I had to find an official (PDF) hardware maintenance manual for a detailed description on how to replace that cable.

    The search [ thinkpad T400 hardware maintenance ext:pdf ] came up with the “ThinkPad T400 and R400 Hardware Maintenance Manual”. On page 143 you can find a description on how to change the cable (