Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (April 27, 2011): Headstone in an unusual place?

My brother is a pilot and has landed on many of the runways throughout the US.  (For the record, he flies Lear-60's.)  

He gave me a fantastic search challenge...  

Can you find the runway in the US that has a headstone emplaced in the asphalt?  Here's an image for you, although it probably won't help you much... 

So... Question:  What airport runway is this?  (Alternatively, what's the lat-long?) 

Search on! 


  1. Search [~gravemarker +airport +runway] gave me Savannah Airport.

    The Wikipedia article mentions under Post Military Use "Some 3,680 feet (1,120 m) from the west end of Runway 10 (the main east-west runway) are two concrete grave markers. A runway extension project placed the runway through a small family plot and the graves of the airport property's two original owners. Because the family did not want to remove and relocate the graves, the markers were placed in the asphalt runway."

    Using the coordinates on the right side of the page took me to GeoHack page and from there I clicked on the Google Map link.

    I scanned the runway going from east to west and found the markers at 32.128822, -81.206913

  2. If only there was a way to search images by submitting the relevant image and the search engine would therefore search for all content related to the image. Some food for thought for google and other search engines.

  3. Ross Nelson writes...
    The answer:

    It took me three searches:
    1) headstone runway - didn't look promising
    2) tombstone runway - turned up too many links to Tombstone, AZ
    3) tombstone runway -az -arizona - bingo

  4. You can find the complete - very interesting - story on the history of these graves from Richard Dotson (1797-1884) and his wife Catherine (1797-1877) on