Thursday, January 2, 2014

One more day...

Mes amis, 

Having too much fun in Paris!  Yes this is a real vacation, and if we're not at Notre Dame, we're checking out the Impressionists at Musee d'Orsay, and walking up and down the Seine, munching on croissants, consuming roasted chestnuts, and enjoying the Parisian life. 

I'll answer yesterday's Eiffel Tower challenge tomorrow, after I've caught up on sleep a bit.  
(The other thing I've noticed is that when challenges go on for an extra day, more people get the chance to answer.  Question:  Should Search Challenges always be 2 days long?  That is, ask on Wednesday, let the discussion happen throughout Thursday, and then answer on Friday?  What do you think?)  


Rose window at Notre Dame, Paris


  1. the Rose is ethereal - especially in the moonlight, hope you said hello to Charlemagne et ses Leudes… curious how the chestnuts compare to the ones available near the G-plex? would a foie gras and fig macaron be out of the question?
    If you stumbled into the river, would you be "in-seine"… in the manner of the Lizard King? doubt the sand is out this time of year. Still find it hard to believe Paris is in Texas… must all be a state of mind.
    SF, since 96
    the fix when you return - strongly dislike sites that auto-audio…
    bay Macarons, L'Artisan

  2. Dan, I agree with your proposal, also given the fact that many searchers are spread all over the world (time difference).

  3. Good day, Dr. Russell and everyone! Glad you are enjoying your vacation and having fun!

    I like the idea of Search Challenges 2 days long. That way allows more to try it, also we can learn and discuss it; and also can help you with time. I know that your agenda is complicated and with this, maybe can be easy for you too.

    Have a fantastic day, Dr. Russell.

  4. Dan, Good idea. Its more fun when more people are involved. It also relieves the intense pressure to get an answer in by 8am.



  5. I posted my comments on the previous page as did others if you want to check them out.