Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trafalgar in 3D...

I was planning on writing up something about the topic of collections--but I got too many great suggestions about what to do WRT collections, so it's taking me longer than I thought, so I'll get to that next week.  

But I did discover that Trafalgar Square (our topic from last week) is in 3D on the Android Google Maps.  A quick check shows this view on your phone: 

How did I do this?  Easy. 

Bring up Maps on Android, search for [ Trafalgar Square ] then drag 2 fingers down the page, that will tilt the view down into 3D.  Since the statues (but not the fountains) on the Square have been modeled in 3D, they get rendered beautifully.  (And you can see that there's no statue in the center anymore.)  

You can do the same kind of thing in Maps.  Switch to Earth mode (by clicking on the Earth button in the lower left), then use the Tilt View icon to move the view. 



  1. It looks amazing. I saw it a few minutes ago.

    Another SearchResearch Challenge that brings something new to us out side the challenges (in just some days.) I think, Dr. Russell can see the future :)

    Thanks for posting it, Dr. Russell.

    Out of topic question, how people in California feels with the 6 parts possible future California? I really don't think that will happen.

  2. I actually completely agree. One of the joys of SRS is that people can find the answer in very different ways. Fred and Rosemary's solutions are nice.

    WRT California becoming divided... It's unlikely. There's been a separatist movement for years (to divide into 2 parts), but it's never gone anywhere. This is just an annoying distraction.