Friday, January 9, 2015

NOT missing in action, just having too much fun...

Hi Folks... 

I started writing up the solution to the "Where's the lake with the..."  and quickly discovered some interesting things in the data.  

This happens from time to time, and I want to take the time to write it up correctly, completely, and succinctly.  

So I'm NOT sloughing off, but I'm writing up the solution (and it has a bunch of interesting stuff). 

I'll tell you why on Monday.  But I wanted to let you know that I haven't gone off fishing.... I'm writing.  Really!  

Stay tuned.  

-- Dan 


  1. Thanks, Dr. Russell for your post. I already want Monday comes to read your answer and learn the interesting stuff that you mention. Meanwhile, have a great weekend and why not if possible visit some lake and enjoy watching fishes and Nature.

  2. Hello, Dr. Russell. Hope you have great week.

    Question in case you have free time:

    I was searching in Google Now and noticed that results doesn't show the search tools. Do you know any trick/tip/advice to get them? I mean if we want to search for something from last month, how can we do it, without adding the date in the search or searching in Chrome instead of Google Search app?


    1. PS: Probably Search Tools are not available because Google Now is intended for other purposes not for searching in the way people do in Chrome for example. I am probably wrong about this. What do you think?

      I will try to practice what Dr. Russell shared in past SearchResearch Challenges with Ballon d'Or 2015. My goal is to find who won in each continent. Probably was Cristiano Ronaldo. I know he win in Europe and South America. It will be good practice. I wonder if we can work the data from a PDF file like we do with csv. I'll post if I can do it.

      Great week, everyone.