Friday, March 13, 2015


The basketball ref hand sign for illegal traveling.
Okay, this was an error on my part.  

I'd forgotten that I'd be traveling today.  I'm flying up to Seattle, then driving on to Vancouver to attend the ACM "Learning at Scale" Conference. It's not optional--I really have to be there.  

But I'm busy from now (3:45AM) until at least 10PM tonight.  So I'm willing to bet I won't be able to write up my answer to this week's Search Challenge.  

That gives everyone an extra 24 hours.  So if you haven't chimed in yet with your idea about whether or not fruit is sweeter because of something they're doing with the irrigation water, now you've got an extra day.  

I'll be back tomorrow! 

Search on! 

P.S.  To be clear, I didn't forget exactly, but I thought I'd have time to write up the answer this morning.
          THEN I realized my flight is at 6AM.  Oops!  See you tomorrow. 

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