Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Video content from the PowerSearchingWithGoogle.com course

We just finished running... 

... the updated version of the PowerSearchingWithGoogle.com course.  As you might guess, it's a lot of work to pull all of this content together, making the videos, writing the content, and so on.  I'd like to make it as available as possible to the most people.  

So, below I've put all of the videos from that course into an easy-to-use table.  

This is the master list of videos along with a short description of the topic for each.  They’re all around 5 minutes long, so any of them are easy to work into your program.  

And best of all, they’re all labeled as Creative Commons CC BY-NC, so go wild!  

(The BY-NC label that means you can remix, tweak, and build upon these videos non-commercially; note that your new works must acknowledge my original work (a link is fine),  and be non-commercial).   

The texts and slides will are still in-process, but I'll post a link to them in the blog as well (just as soon as I finish them up). 

Filter image results by color
How search works (Matt Cutts)
The art of keyword choice
Word order matters
How to find text in a document (Control-F)
Suggestions, Search-as-you-type
Use define to lookup definitions
Other kinds of content in Google search
Reading the SERP
Searching other kinds of content
How the web is organized
Filetype: (how to search by document type)
Minus operator
OR operator and how to use quotes
Intext: and advanced search UI
Search by Image
Search features and shortcuts
Conversions and the calculator
Top bar tools and date filtering
Language tools
Checking your facts
Variant data
Finding quotes with quotes
Using WHOIS to find out who owns a site
Common misconceptions about search
Putting it all together (using multiple operators)
Thinking Broadly

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