Thursday, April 28, 2016

Additional hint: What are those smoke plumes?

Does it help if I tell you...

.. that when I saw the smoke plumes, I was on AA 2820, around 1:20PM, Central?  

Thinking strategically... 

And searching on! 


  1. [american airlines control flights radar]

    [AAL280 activity log]

    [observed weather alabama february 18 2016]

    [observed smoke alabama february 18 2016]

    Numerous smoke plumes were detected associated with these fires Ctrl-F "Alabama" The HMS fire and smoke product below left shows many fires in the Southeast and central Plains, although these fortunately seem to be south of the winds mentioned earlier. The MODIS Aqua image below right shows a few smoke plumes from fires in and around Alabama. (Feb 19)

    [hms fire smoke]

    Fires: Current Conditions

    [mobile alabama smoke plumes february 18th 2016] News Feb 18 -Feb 19

    Alabama school bus up in flames just minutes after driver, students evacuate

    [ smoke plumes intext:alabama february 18 2016]

    "Elsewhere, innumerable agriculture burns throughout
    Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are collectively producing light remnant smoke in their respective vicinities"

  2. "Prescribed fires are a big part of what we do."

    ["controlled burn" Alabama "February 18"] yielded this report from a Montgomery TV station about fires in nearly southern Georgia (

    >> This time of year, folks around South Georgia are bound to see more smoke in the air, as people conduct controlled burns on their property. But for those who aren't familiar with the technique may wrongfully assume a dangerous fire is underway.

    The Chief Ranger at the Georgia Forestry Commission in Colquitt County says this is the busiest time of the year for them. It's prime time for burning and folks are taking advantage. He says not all fires you see are concerning.

    Chief Ranger Jason Rex helps get this prescribed fire started assisting a landowner with a burn. "Leaves, pine straw, grasses, all the scrub species, that's all fuel," Rex said.

    Fuel that's used to light this land up to safely reduce excessive amounts of brush which will encourage growth of other vegetation. "When you're driving around this time of year, you'll see a lot of smoke. Don't be concerned about it because prescribed fires are a big part of what we do in South Georgia," Rex said.

    Adding "permits" to the search terms finds a US Department of Agriculture/Forest Service website about controlled burns withing local national forests (, including the Conecuh NF (NE of Mobile):

    BTW, here's a link to an AA2829 flight path: The specific one on Feb. 18 could have been slightly different, depending on weather & winds. (I didn't use Google to find this, as I know about this and several other flight-tracking websites.)