Thursday, January 19, 2017

Finding immersive experiences (Part 2)

Every so often... 

... one gets reminded of what they don't remember.  In this week's case, Regular Reader Fred Delventhal left a really nice comment on yesterday's post.  He wrote (minor edits are mine): 

Youtube filtering allows you to limit your search to 360 degree videos.  If you search for: 

          [ how to find 360 videos] 

you'll find a GoogleSystem blog post about how to search for 360 videos.  
This post from 2015 shows that you can filter your YouTube results by applying the 360 filter.   
To do this, first do a quick search, then click on the "Filters" pull-down menu:   

 Then, filter appropriately:  

Then you'll see the video on that topic with the 360 tag.  (I had a good time with the search for [ dolphins ] and then filtering by 360...)  

Fred also notes that: 
The Street View app for iOS and Android is basically all photospheres. Pick a point on the map and zoom in to see professional and user created Photospheres. The apps allow you to create your own immersive experiences of where you are.  You can use either Cardboard view or Magic Window.  
Note that Google Expeditions doesn't incorporate video yet (only Photospheres). They are working on it though... 
Check out StorySpheres as another place for 360 Photospheres with audio.   
Finally, a must try is Google's Spotlight Stories. The app is available for Android and IOS plus the videos are available on Youtube. (To find them, search for "Spotlight Stories" in YouTube.)  
P.S. Thinking outside of the box - Check out the "Where's Waldo 360" video. It's wonderful!
Note that these are all APPS, and not always available on the web.  Still, I should have included these in my discussion.  

Thanks, Fred.  I knew this once upon a time and I had forgotten.  More importantly, I ALSO forgot to do the search you did, the [ how to find ... ].  

And that's our Search Lesson for today.  Always check the basics before you write up the answer!  

Search on.... 


  1. Thanks for sharing part 2, Dr. Russell. I was thinking if maybe in a future Google and other companies will create a filetype for Photospheres and VR content. As, for example, Google did with photos creating and developing WebP.

    About YouTube filter, I have tried and works great, sadly many upload videos as 360 without being with that feature. Also tried in other browsers and 360-degree works perfect on Chrome. Others not so much. Even searching plugin, videos just look normal.

    I like the idea you sharing apps. Each day more content will be enhanced and probably will only be available via Apps or other ways in mobile and not so much in desktop.

    Finally, I just read about this new tool.
    Tilt Brush is a tool for creators of all backgrounds and styles to make art in virtual reality.

  2. speaking of forgetting…
    how is anyone suppose to remember this stuff?
    can "temporary insanity" apply to a span of at least ~84.3 years?
    (⬇ found in trending YouTubes… also worth checking — and in D.C. - CNN [Casey News Network] )
    4/12/12 - Sickles
    1/21/17 - To Anacreon in Heaven
    from the comments:
    "Misleading title. This guy was not insane. He was simply the first to use it as a defense against criminal litigation. The dude was actually quite sane and resourceful, albeit opportunistic and of questionable morals."
    it will all be different when you look at this… Sickles was # 28 when this was written - but another handy tool/filter

    backstory & leg
    another view
    "The National Museum of Health and Medicine has graciously loaned us this historic treasure.
    other examples
    with sanity, but missing limb?
    "NMHM will continue to feature Civil War medicine in its new installations, calling back to its legacy as the Army Medical Museum and continuing a tradition of exhibitions on this topic that date to the institution's earliest days. The exhibit will feature a comprehensive examination of the Museum's holdings from that era, including skeletal remains and wet tissue specimens, surgical kits and other medical tools, examples of prosthetics and models showing efforts at medical evacuation during the war. The exhibit also features several rarely-seen, if ever exhibited, artifacts: the right arm of Captain Henry Wirz, known for his time as commander of the Confederate prisoner-of-war camp at Andersonville; a steamer trunk that belonged to renowned nurse Dorothea Dix; a pocket surgical kit that belonged to Mary Walker, the first woman to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor; the lower right leg of Major General Daniel E. Sickles, a perennial favorite at the Museum; the skull of a soldier of the revered 54th Massachusetts Volunteers, one of the war's first entirely black regiments; and a 40-foot wide hospital garrison flag."

    Dr. Mary…
    "After the war, Walker was recommended for the Medal of Honor by Generals William Tecumseh Sherman and George Henry Thomas. On November 11, 1865, PresidentAndrew Johnson signed a bill to award her the medal.
    In 1917, the U.S. Congress created a pension act for Medal of Honor recipients, and in doing so created separate Army and Navy Medal of Honor Rolls. Only the Army decided to review eligibility for inclusion on the Army Medal of Honor Roll. The 1917 Medal of Honor Board deleted 911 names from the Army Medal of Honor Roll, including those of Dr. Mary Edwards Walker and William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody. The disenrolled recipients were ordered to return their medals, but Walker continued to wear hers until her death."

    Dr. Mary
    MoH rescinded - (A military board reinstated Walker's honor posthumously in 1977.)

  3. a little follow-up on the six:
    more Mary history
    there's Mary's statue
    Buffalo Bill and 4 other scouts got theirs back too…
    "ruled on June 12, 1989 that Cody's name – along with the other four civilian Army scouts – should be restored to the rolls of the Medal of Honor."
    " A second result of the 1917 review is that there will never again be any servicemember receiving two Medals of Honor. In the history of the MOH, there were 19 double-Medal of Honor recipients."

  4. off topic, under same umbrella…
    some interesting examples of search skills applications - (hats can be different colors/shades and easily switched/swapped - just sayin') still, interesting tools & approaches.
    from here, Henk
    interesting search autopsy
    original post by Michael Henriksen
    other examples:
    @AtlanticCouncil's Digital Forensic Research Lab
    resource locations

    @ Maks Czuperski


    1. Thanks for the links, Remmij! Reading the urls at the moment and remembering some SRS Challenges by Dr. Russell:

      Where can I get that book?

      Where are you?

      Medium site what is for? It's totally new for me. What we can find in it? I heard about it last 1-20-2017 when United States POTUS cleaned all Social Media. What happens to Social Media

      Also just read that now, at least for the moment,White House not in Spanish

      Remmij have you looked into these Over 12 Million Pages of CIA Documents Are Now Accessible Online

    2. only scanned about 252 pages… but was deep in the weeds already and all light was vanishing ;)
      this was page 253
      eyes bleeding, ears ringing, limbs going numb, think I've been probed
      doesn't Goo offer to translate the Whitehouse site anyway? Why did the last occupant not update the ESPAÑOL option?
      coincidence that 'Presidencia' ends in CIA? MX is more on the ball! (why different formats?)
      couldn't get the French version to come up
      top 10 list
      another top 10

    3. Good morning, Remmij!

      Thanks for the links (as always very good) and for your comment. I agree with you. Who know why Español option was not updated before and even if it was, new info requires new translation and that takes time. That is why I added, at least for the moment. It is very interesting how many changes are made online with new President.

      About Mexico sites and formats. No idea. I think is due to here most people just cares for Español and even in our language sites many times are not updated so much less in English. At least now, we are updating faster and working to offer citizens more information than years ago. As you mentioned, glad we have Google translate.