Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Delay for 1 week...

Hi Regular Readers!  

As mentioned, I'm in a fairly remote place in the South Pacific, where the weather is warm, the scuba diving is magnificent, and the wifi is extraordinarily flakey.  

Since it's so tough to do any online research for this week's SRS Challenge, I'm going to delay my reply until I get back next Wednesday.

In the meantime, here are a few photos of things I've seen in the past couple of days.  Have any ideas what these are, or where I am?  (There are enough clues in these photos to narrow it down to a particular island group!) 

Search on! 

Notice that this next fish is a little different... 


  1. it's a puzzlement just using the images – will look forward to the explanation… don't get overly pruney…
    … ruled Nebraska out, even though there is a Grand Island there… figured the wifi was too good too…(also re-read the ? south pacific, not Union Pacific - doh)
    image search nails #3 ;-P
    blue and yellow fusilier [caesio teres] (#3)
    fish base
    clark’s anemonefish (#2)
    turns up here
    check Pseudanthias pascalus Purple queen
    what's that fish
    the orange ones? - Pseudanthias pleurotaenia female Squarespot Anthias
    found it helped to have this running in the background during this search…
    is this there?
    "During the American Civil War (1861–1865), cotton was raised on T*** and exported to Europe." (serious outsourcing!)
    Matei Airport
    Tovata Confederacy
    a history - for when you are north of the surface
    this photo appeared while I was searching the others… the 'new' #3…
    Pink Anemonefish (Amphiprion perideraion) or pink skunk clownfish
    variant - Amphiprion akallopisos
    wiki, photos
    Google Scholar
    image SERP
    similar to your photo
    shaker, Tuesday, September 26, 2017

    1. Nicely done. (I especially like the story about cotton being raised here in the 19th century. I'm going to have to see if I can figure out *where* that was done. It seems improbable!)

    2. … just so there is a tie in…
      the cotton/fish nexus… Pla Dook Foo (Cotton Fish Salad) Thailand

      flashback – sounds like Aaron Neville… ahhhh, cotton
      indeed, still going - sung by Richie Havens, Phoebe Snow and Aaron Neville.
      different from this tunes-smith
      has its own blog - the fabric of our lives…

      anyway, back to the South Pacific – remnants of the cotton fields probably displaced by copra & sugar production…? many references in Google Books.
      cotton SERP
      led to the term ""Sea Island cotton" - used that as a search term.
      Sea Island type & quality explained - GooBOOks
      Gossypium barbadense SERP
      on a par with egyptian cotton SERP, note that Sea Island shows in box…
      out of NZ
      nice little bit
      [sea island cotton] SERP
      Fiji cotton
      ⬆ source
      quality of Sea Island cotton…
      copra vs cotton
      SERP for Sea Island cotton
      "Cotton production in the United States slumped during the civil war of the early 1860's and world markets opened to new producers. Prospects for cotton growing in Fiji looked bright. Cotton enterprises in Fiji began to fail when the civil war ended and American plantations began to recover."
      ⬆ sugar replaced cotton - sugar still outpaces tourism…

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  2. First guess is Vanuatu- once I check these on another device with an EXIF viewer, I might get a bit more data
    Picture 1 looks like some sort of Serranid- I'm guessing an Anthias which are widespread in the South Pacific, but it doesn't look like the endemic species for Fiji, but comparing google image searches for anthias fiji and antihas vanuatu tends to lean towards Fiji as the location
    Picture 2 is a Clown fish- once again could be anywhere in South Pacific- The yellow colour is different to what I normally see in Australia
    Picture 3 I don't recognise- maybe a clown fish again - I'm guessing this is the one that identifies the island group
    Picture 4 is a yellow tail fusilier - very common in both Vanuatu and Fiji

  3. Just saw Chasing Coral. Are you seeing signs of coral bleaching?

    1. Remarkably, Fiji seems to be fairly spared by coral bleaching. There's a bit, but it looks like it's < 5%.

  4. Hello Dr. Russell and everyone

    Congratulations to Remmij that found about your trip last week too and to Chris. Also congratulations to JtU for the way he answered and found the previous Challenge Answers.

    I always have difficulties identifying animals, plants, trees, flowers. Don’t know if the problem is the key words, or how to name the different parts. Not easy even in Spanish.

    [south pacific countries list] to learn more about the countries.

    [south pacific fish identification] [south pacific fish identification guide] Found description of one fish similar to yours: banded

    [orange black white banded fish] on Images

    RED SEA CLOWNFISH [AMPHIPRION BICINCTUS] Distribution: Western Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the Chagos archipelago

    Fishes of Indo-Pacific From the photo, I think your fish #3 is White-maned clown-fish

    [Your second images adding “two banded anemonefish” ]

    Photo #2 Clark's anemonefish

    [White-maned clown-fish ]

    Pink Anemonefish I never thought the fish is pink. For me, color looks different in Dr. Russell’s photo.

    In the results, read about “Russell Islands” and searched that.

    Russell Island

    Remmij, I also wonder about the cotton link.

    1. I hadn't thought about the Russell Islands as a vacation destination, but once the current troubles die down, it looks like it would be quite a wonderful adventure.

  5. did you notice, or were you submerged?
    shifting plates
    ring of fire
    area quakes
    Captain P & Clark's
    "Clark's anemonefish is the least host specific anemonefish, living in association with all ten species of sea anemones that host anemonefish:"
    Clark's - check anemones hosts - Heteractis magnifica
    Rainbow reef

    Ramón - good to see you are operating after the Mexico City trembler, hopefully things are well in your location. (have a post that has further cotton info, but it hasn't shown up yet…)
    maybe it will be Dr. Dan Canaipa soon?? ;-)
    "In 2015 the Russell Island residents groups with the Redland City Council, have proposed to transition the island's name to its traditional Aboriginal equivalent – Canaipa Island."
    (…it was the 'bula' sign-off to the water question last week that tipped me off)
    bula SERP

    1. Hello Remmij, thanks! Yes, I am here again. And have been reading since last week. I didn't notice the bula part!! And I read the post like many times. I believe that I am used to "Search On" that I blocked that. That is a great catch and fantastic sense of curiosity. I wonder how many more catch that and didn't search what bula is?

      About earthquakes and volcano eruptions, I really hope Dr. Russell didn't notice. If they fell awful in solid ground, I am sure on an Island movement is much worse. Also, now with some many news, I have been practicing what Dr. Russell teaches us about identifying a real news. World and in Mexico have been telling lots of things about earthquakes, eruptions, causes and relationships. Even in Tamaulipas had rain with fish I thought it was fake, but source was credible so I read and found interesting things.

      Dr. Dan Canaipa sounds fantastic! I will keep reading your findings and also the cotton info :)

  6. Replies
    1. Ramón after your finds, I had to hear the 'bula song'… bula on!
      can see how that would become an "ear bug" for Dan… eBug SERP
      Tai & the Kavaholics
      a couple others:
      lotsa clapping…
      kava probably would help…
      Kava SERP
      a drum heavy version
      I wrongly thought it was all like this…

    2. Hi Remmij!
      I didn't know about "ear bug" meaning nor about Kava. Your Video Links are fantastic! Looking Elvis that way was new too. And Drums of the Islands is a fantastic song. The lyrics also gave different perception.

      Before this Challenge and you finding the bula clue, the only famous singer from South Pacific I remember is
      Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole Video shows a cover from his song.

      Thanks for sharing!

    3. expanding the number at least 4x… the islands sway & rock
      golden moon, silver sea…
      Jake's OtR version
      a couple other Hawaiians…
      B. Mars

    4. Hello, Remmij! Good Morning. Thanks for the SERP. Very interesting. That list has a lot of surprise for me. Bette Midler,Lauren Graham, Maggie Q and Bruno Mars specially.

      Of course I knew Hawaii has lots of stars and famous not just in music but in every area. As an example, President Barack Obama. Just that IZ, I think is clearly recognized for us outside the United States (in music scenario) as his music shows the Island. Another surprise is Elvis Presley. Why he appears as Hawaiian if he was born in Tupelo, Mississippi?

      Nicole Kidman thought she was Australian

    5. Hello Dr. Russell, Remmij, Jon and everyone!
      I just watched a new Kava video. Here it is: https://youtu.be/uqpJ3B7dcH4

  7. Good Morning everyone.

    Yesterday I read a link shared by Ricardo Blanco that made me remember SearchResearch Challenge (5/24/17): Finding tweets from a particular place

    How to use Tweetdeck and advanced search to make Twitter useful again It mentions Advanced Search that Dr. Russell already taught us how to find and use and adds another tool that can be helpful.

  8. hope Dan is staying clear of the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.
    not dissimilar to a tornado, but more widespread… raining ash & embers is scary.
    bad deal
    when the fire house goes…
    one view, ground truth