Thursday, March 7, 2019

Delay of game... about where your trash goes...


... where DOES the trash go??? 

I was writing up my solution about the trash / recycling question.  I'd read lots of documents, tons of tales, reads of city reports, and was just about to hit publish.

But then I paused.  

I found four different places where the recycling goes and where the trash ends up.  I realized that 3 out of the 4 made sense, but I couldn't understand the fourth destination.  What went there?  

As I was writing, I got stuck with a simple question: What DOES that fourth trash/recycling site take in?  I know it's a real place (I've actually gone on runs past the place), and I know it's for recycling... but does any of MY trash go there? It's got a contract with my city, it's close to the city, but I couldn't tell.  I did not know what to write.  

I'd been working on this for a few hours, carefully documenting my research, but as I went back over my documents, I could NOT find the answer.  Huh. 


... I ran out of time to finish my writeup this week.  I'll have time next week, so stay tuned for my update post early next week.  I'll tell you what I did, how I noticed the problem, and what I did to get around it.  

I admit that I thought this would be a fairly simple story.  

But the great thing about doing SearchResearch is that even simple things sometimes have untold depths.  (I love these kind of unexpectedly complex issues that come up!)  

Keep searching!!  


  1. Good day! Yesterday, received this recommendation from YouTube Coffee pods recycling and it is interesting. Searched more and found it is also available in Mexico.

    I wonder how many people know about the program? And of those, how many will do the effort to recycle? Hopefully everyday will be easy to do and maybe a new way to produce those pods can be found.

    1. Since I had the blessing to find Dr. Russell's first MOOC and with that this SearchReSearch Blog, life is so different and so much interesting. Knowing, discovering, learning, asking and expanding knowledge, facts, about world and Universe. And each Challenge is like wave, that is, not just something you read, practice and move on. It is more because next time you will connect that answer to a new situation. It is so powerful!

      This happened again this morning when reading my feed found this article and remembered previous Challenges about Vienna, Music and now, the new connection: Music created with vegetables!

      Any of you knew about this Vienna's Orchestra?

      Of course, I needed to watch and listen

    2. Hi Remmij, thanks for the links. You find amazing things! I don't like neither Oswald or the first Mickey Mouse, he changed with time and now looks awesome!

      In relation to recycling, this morning watch the following video. And according to it, we recycle even less than we think. Aspirational Recycling and MRFs

      Again, about music, yesterday listened this song on TV Series La Casa de Papel (Money Heist). Bella Ciao (Original, at leas is what they say) and now, reading more about the history behind the song with [Bella Ciao historia] I know that the song is Italian.

      BBC: La sorprendente historia de "Bella Ciao", el himno que entonan los protagonistas de la serie "La casa de papel" Contains Spoilers if you haven't seen the series!

      El misterio de ‘Bella Ciao’ There also found a new word: boutade. Searched [define Boutade] and [Boutade french meaning].
      And, on Wikipedia

    3. Another recycling video suggested by YouTube Does recycling work anymore? Not California, but maybe similar. This guy studied recycling in Chicago

    4. I was working and then, thought about this Challenge. Why garbage bags are black?

      Searched [why garbage bags are black] and [garbage bags color] Nothing conclusive. Principal reason is they don't allow to see what is inside. However, also found that when they are made with recycle plastics, dyed with black so looks better and the color is easier

      Then went to Wikipedia to learn more about them. Found in England are called bin bags and
      Created in 1950, this invention can be attributed to Canadians John TU will be happy to know this and more details in the upcoming links

      With that surprise, asked my self. [Garbage before plastic bags]
      The Trash Bag in History: Part I
      The Trash Bag in History: Part II

      Staten Island: "At nearly 3,000 acres, Fresh Kills was the world’s largest city dump – and the largest manmade object on the planet."

      "...In 1971, James Guillet, a University of Toronto chemist, developed a plastic material that decomposes when left in direct sunlight – coincidentally, this was also the millionth Canadian patent issued..."

  2. Dan, that's Zanker REcycling. video at

  3. That's Construction material Recycling. I looked for this because the image carries this info with it. The vid was easily found on YouTube

  4. …I'm not sure what all they recycle, but I would steer clear of stall no.4… and then there is stall 9, from Area 53… on 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781∞ Day
    from the left
    #19 - things or entities that glow in the dark…
    …not that there are any of those things in the Bay area…
    item no.14 of 18
    …who recycles all the numbers?