Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Answer coming next week!

While travel in French Polynesia is great... 

... the wifi is rather slow and unpredictable.  As a side-effect, I haven't been able to get a good connection for a long enough period of time to actually do the online research needed to get answers to last week's Challenge.  

A drone's eye view of the harbor at Huahine. Note the fringing reef and coral sands all around. 
These waters have many parrotfish! 

SO...  I'm going back to diving in these beautiful waters and hiking on the mountains.  I should be back in the land of fast connectivity by Saturday. So I'll post my answers in one week.  

Until then,

Search on! 


  1. …wondered about the ride… a couple notches up from Kon-Tiki or the basic ocean going canoe…
    a pale glimpse
    it must be Hella Hella… ;P
    …guessing that is the Wind Spirit…
    Windstar blurd
    Home port Papeete (Tahiti Island, French Polynesia)
    Wind Spirit
    the long review… ground… uhh, sea truth?
    in the Med
    wiki - Turkey
    Capacity: 148 passengers
    Crew: 90

  2. I was just reading the news and sadly, Johnny Clegg, passed away this Tuesday, July 16th. I remember the various SRS Challenges that we did about him and his music. RIP

    Johnny Clegg: A tribute

    Asilazi: Video

    1. As tomorrow is #Apollo50th, just watched this video and I think it could bring more SRS Challenges The Real First Words Spoken on the Moon

    2. …not sure why the whole "mooning" thing is such a big deal…
      guessing this is Aldrin — don't see Mike or Neil subjecting themselves
      to that kind of solar radiation… in or out of the Troposphere…
      much mooning space

  3. off subject, but still wet —
    the "radiation blob" and growing the hind legs from fins??… around 30 & 35 seconds in… trying to tap your scuba knowledge/soggy ground truth… (Isla de la Juventud).
    off Cuba, sub-surface… any ideas? seems like a harder search…