Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A New Year - What did you like about the previous year's SRS?

Goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020!

Sunset on NYE 2019.
I'll write up the answer to the previous Challenge tomorrow.  But for today I want to take a quick look back and ask what you liked about 2019's string of Challenges.  

I'm asking for two reasons:  (1) to learn a bit about what kinds of Challenges you like (and what you DON'T like) in order to make 2020 even better.  (2) to put the Challenges you really like into consideration for The Joy of Search Volume 2!  (To be honest, I don't have a contract for Volume 2 yet... I'm doing this a bit on spec.)  

For instance, did you like:  

"Does anything live deep in the earth?"  or did you prefer "Where did the river go?"

Maybe you're more of a "Contour Lines?" person, maybe "What's the story... of these ruined buildings?"  

Perhaps you liked the object identification Challenges:  "What's this thing?"  

If you have thoughts or opinions you'd like to share with me, please fill out this quick survey 

             CLICK here for the 4-question survey.  

And thanks for all the great comments and responses throughout the year.  Hope 2020 is the year when all of your searches succeed! 

-- Dan 


  1. Good Morning, Dr. Russell and everyone. Happy New Year 2020!

    I love all the Challenges because they always have something new, interesting and connect with more things that I always discover while searching or later when living my life out of the Internet. Also, they have that. It is a great way to know what happens in the world that we don't know.

    I prefer Challenges that have a specific, close answer. And that is only because I like to know that I have the answer or not. However, if the answer is open or we need to keep SRS gives me different perspective and makes me wonder more and keep an eye on the topic even when we made the Challenge months ago.

    The options you select all are great. And selecting one, I choose : "What's this thing?" Why? Because it is something that happens to me frequently. I found animals, flowers, sounds, food and always want to know. I find some in a very easy way. Others have to work harder and others still searching for. As an example, we have a bell in our family that have been here for decades. This bell was made in NY in 1800's and was awesome to discover that the factory workers today don't know they produced bells.

    Thanks, Dr. Russell again for creating the Challenges, for searching with us, for the Answers and the Search Lessons. And I am sure we will have very soon Joy of Search Volume 2 and more.

    Wishing you all a fantastic 2020

  2. Afterglow by the bay?
    sunset SERP…
    another afterglow — not Charlotte
    odd, I didn't have you pegged as a "Swifty"…
    Taylor somebody…
    perhaps it should be "The Joy of Search 3"… just to have people searching for '2'…