Monday, April 6, 2020

A few SearchResearch short videos about finding credible medical content

As you might recall... 

I put out a short video, a One-Minute Morceau (aka 1MM) on my Search Education YouTube channel this week. 

Each is a short video between 1 and 5 minutes long with a brief SRS strategy or tactic for you.  

I added a 3rd video today, which is why I'm collecting them here.  If you want, you could always subscribe to my SearchEducation channel!  (If you see the red "Subscribe" button on the video, click on it, and you'll be subscribed in a trice.  

1.  Finding high quality information about treatments 

2.  How to assess the credibility of a web site 

3.   Is this a credible author? 


Let me know how you like them!  
If I get encouraging feedback, I'll keep it up.  
Search on!  


  1. Nice voice over on these. I had never thought of excluding a site. Good idea. Some of the screen grab video is quite fuzzy. Keep going on these they are a great idea.
    Cheers jon tU

    1. Hi Jon - Can you tell me the time-stamp of where the screen grabs are fuzzy? If I can, I'll fix it.

  2. Good Morning and good day!

    About the videos, I already said it. I love them and always learn and discover new things with the videos and inside the videos. That is, for example, Elsevier. So it is not only that the videos are helpful, easy to follow and understand. With lots of explanations and howto. They have "Easter eggs" like the site mentioned or the meaning of what a number means.

    On other topics, I just read this:

    Great White can be encountered in the Mediterranean Sea

    And remembered some SRS Challenges:
    About Sharks

    Also, new for me was that by mistake searched [shark site:] and noticed that it works too. I thought you needed to search like this: [shark]

  3. These are excellent! I think Anne and I can use these with students. We do a Fake News lesson with freshman health classes so this fits right into that curriculum!