Monday, September 13, 2021

Dan is away, but thinking of you...

 It's been a long, lovely week... 

Diving with a few friends at the Salt Pier

... while vacationing in Bonaire, the home to parrotfish (see our previous discussion of parrotfish in SRS) and many other wonderful things to investigate.  I'm sure some of them will be featured in future SRS posts.  

I'll try to post an answer to our previous SRS Challenge ("Biggest Floods") later this week, but don't be surprised if I'm a day or two late. 

If you find yourself needing a bit of an SRS fix, you might try to identify the fish above.  (Extra credit if you identify the creature (looks like branching fingers) that's behind the blue/yellow fish.)  

I'll be back above water soon! 

Carry on.. and, as always, Search on! 


  1. wonder if Daniel will confirm…? (and is he still 'pruned'?)
    Row pore rope sponge

    in red…

    "Row pore rope sponge
    Aplysina cauliformis
    (Carter, 1882)

    Long, branching and rope-like, up to 60 cm. Generally hanging downward with the tip of the branches curling upward. Excurrent openings form long rows and are 1-4 mm in diameter (A. cauliformis-oscules). The oscules have thin, protruding lips, often of a lighter color. The surface is very finely conulose. The consistency is stiff and hardly compressible.

    The color is highly variable and not distinctive, it includes red, purple and lavender.

    Growing in lagoons and inhabiting deep sloping reefs.

    Florida to Curacao." (ABC)

    …while looking at blue sponges & wrasses