Monday, November 1, 2021

Celebration! 4M+ reads!


A small celebration is in order...

... in total, SRS has, to date ...  

... this week, SearchResearch passed 4 million reads since its inception in January of 2010.  

I know some number of those reads are by bots, but I suspect the majority are all human readers--mostly people like you, who want to improve their search skills.  

A little more data for context: 

     - SRS gets around 11,000 reads / week 

     - this is the 1250th blog post 

     - you have made 12,234 comments 

     - if every reader spent 1 minute reading,
        that's 7.6 years of someone reading (at 24 hours/day)  

Thanks to all of you, the loyal readers of SearchResearch!  

Forward... to 8 million reads!  

Search on! 


  1. Congratulations and thanks, Dr. Russell!

    4 Million reads are awesome ��������

    I think the more impressive data are the 1250th posts you have made. And, if we take into account the minutes, details, videos, photos, comments you have shared, I'm sure we (The Blog) have plenty more of years reading.

    Your time and knowledge are priceless. I am so happy to celebrate with you and being here.

    It's incredible how life works in mysterious ways. One post in Social Media years ago, brought me here and from that moment I have been learning, enjoying and discovering in each post. Thank you!

  2. You do have a lot to be proud of, Dan. I have certainly encountered a lot of new knowledge during the few months I have been participating. Like all learning excursions into unexplored territory, however, it has not always been pleasant. Last week I found myself mother of the bride at a tropical paradise destination wedding. At one particularly festive dinner, someone mentioned the word “archipelago” in a random way and my mind’s eye immediately saw - a snake vertebra. Tá mé scriosta!

    One minute per read seems a bit low (Fermi estimate?). I think I can account for a day or two in those 7.6 years.

  3. Dan, Surely everything that can be known has already been discovered by you and rediscovered by your disciples. Cheers jon tU

  4. Congrats and thankyou. I have learned so much over the years.