Friday, March 3, 2023

PSA: Read Clive Thompson's article about how he does research

 As you know, 

P/C Christina Morillo (Pexels)

... I don't often recommend articles about how to do research.  That's not because I don't read a lot of them--I do--I just mostly find them not especially helpful.

But today I read a great article by the well-known writer Clive Thompson.  He's spent his professional life doing research and then writing up the results as books, a practice I'm trying to emulate. He's a careful thinker and a clear writer.  You'll find a lot to enjoy in his article.  It's very consonant with the themes of #SRS.  

How I research a new topic, by Clive Thompson.  (His post on Medium, Feb 27, 2023.)