Monday, June 28, 2010

What would YOU ask teachers about search? (ISTE conference in Denver, June, 2010))

I'm attending the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference for the next couple of days.  

While I'm here, I'm planning on hanging out at the Google booth (so if you're also at the conference, come by and say hi!).  

But more importantly, when I go to a conference like this, I always enjoy talking with--and interviewing--the conference attendees.  As a group, ISTE folk are teachers with experience in technology use, librarians trying to get a handle on where scholastic library technology is headed, and technology coordinators for school districts.  

These folks are endlessly interesting, and they spend a LOT more time talking with kids than I do.. so I like to interview them and pick their brain, get their insights about how students are using (or not using) search and research skills to help get the job done. 

I have a set of questions that I have in mind about: 

   * how DO students search? 

   * how do teachers search? 

   * what skills are they missing? 

   * what research skill do have in abundance? 

   * what else should we be teaching? 

But let me put it to you.  What do you recommend I ask?  

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  1. Where does search fit into the curriculum? (Is it taught as part of a research project or it is a separate unit? I ask because teaching search skills in different contexts would reinforce the concepts.)