Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wednesday Search Challenge (July 1, 2010): What's happening with employment in California?

As we've discussed, one of the more difficult search tasks is to find data sets that you can use.  After all, it's one thing to look at published reports about the oil spill in the Gulf, or the loss of migratory bird species, or the changes in the polar ice caps--but it's really much more compelling if you can examine the data first hand.  

If you think about it, grappling directly with data removes at least one layer of interpretation.  To understand a technical topic, it's often truly illuminating to do your own analysis.  

The key problem is, usually, where do you find the data?  

And that's the problem for today. 

 Can you find a data set that shows (by county) the out-of-work rates for California?  

Then, once you've found that, can you create a chart showing the relative rate of change for Santa Clara vs. Santa Cruz counties?  

(And yes, I know today isn't Wednesday.  I was off at the ISTE conference for the past couple of days.  More about that next week.)  

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