Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday Search Challenge (Oct 20, 2010): Who makes a dog toy?

In Bruce Sterling's book Shaping Things a SPIME is "an historical entity with an accessible, precise trajectory through space and time."
Spimes don't really exist yet, but you can see signs we're getting there.  A case in point... 
Earlier this week I got a small stuffed dog from my employer.  It's about 4 inches high, soft and plushy--a literal warm fuzzy.  
But I got curious about it.  So, here's the question:  Who made it?  And, how could I get about 20 of them myself? 
In other words, how "spimey" is the information on the dog?  
Today's search challenge is pretty straightforward, but there's a fun twist I'll let you discover.  
Here's all the information you need. 
Search on!  


  1. fun search - read about it on Twitter from @adruin

    I wasn't sure if posting the answer outright would be considered a spoiler so I'm posting a tinyurl to it...
    (bottom of the page)

    mind if I use this example with my students :)

  2. Yes! You absolutely may use this example!

    Have fun.

    -- Dan --