Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Search Challenge (October 27, 2010): When did octopi come to be?

Now THIS is an odd and interesting question... When does, evolutionarily speaking, a species come to be?

In particular, when did an octopus come to be recognizably a different species than its predecessor?

And, from the perspective of SearchResearch, how would you search for such an event?

Once again, I haven't really solved this myself (yet), but will take notes as I work on this tomorrow morning.

(Thanks to my friend Alexis for the suggestion of this research challenge.)

Search on!


  1. A fascinating question which lead me to learn more about the species (I think that's the plural of species).
    (scroll down to where it lists species)

    I decided to approach this one as a "challenge" problem and see whether I could get to a result that I trusted by starting at Wikipedia and I was able to get to the above destination quite quickly from there.

  2. Thanks, everyone, for your search histories! This was a tough problem and I really appreciate your perseverance!