Monday, June 25, 2012

My talk at IRE 2012

Normally, I'd just tell you what I spoke about.  But this time, the room was full of professional writers--that's what you get when you talk at the Investigative Reporters & Editors conference.  

As a consequence, there were people there who can write MUCH better than I can.  One of them, John Tedesco (an investigative reporter at the San Antonio Express-News), took wonderful notes and posted them to his blog.  

So, to find out what I spoke about at IRE 2012 in Boston, please check out his blog post:  

How to solve impossible problems: Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques

It's better than what I said, so I highly recommend his post!  


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  1. Hi Daniel, thanks for the post and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us in Boston. As you can tell, I enjoyed your speech. Some techniques I knew; some I thought I understood but didn't; and some totally blew my mind. Great stuff.

    I just saw on Google's blog that it's now offering lessons for power searchers. Looking forward to learning more.