Friday, September 7, 2012

Announcing a Group for Wednesday Search Challenges

Many people have asked me if they could get a weekly email with the Wednesday Search Challenge from this blog.  

Absolutely!  I've set up a Google Group for just this purpose.  

Just click on this link to join the Search Challenge Group if you'd like to sign up to a Google Group and get the Wednesday Search Challenges in your email.  Fill the information, and you'll start getting two emails / week.  

And, as I say in the notes about the group--I won't sell or reuse this group information for any reason.  It's JUST for the Wednesday Search Challenges.  

Hope to see you in the group!  

Search on! 

-- Dan -- 


  1. Does this serve the same purpose as subscribing to the blog via email? You have a "Follow by Email" form in the right column. I signed up there and get blog updates when they're posted. How is this group different?

    1. This new group will be for people who ONLY want to see the challenges (and not all the other stuff).

  2. after certifying your google power searcher.., it was quite easy for me to do all sort of searches without any difficulty. But I have one query which i want to ask.. i don't know whether this is the place to search or not but (apologies for posting my query here)... here is my query.. when i'm using intext search query i have getting repeated results with same web pages. for example if i search for [intext:tourist AND intext:write for us].., results for this searches are getting quite good results but with repeating website (a website with multiple pages) which i don't want them to be in my search result..,

    Is there any way where i can get unique websites when searching for any query?

    If you think that this is the wrong place for posting this query here.., let me know the place where i can re-post the query to get answers. (apologies)

    hope i get some positive result..,

  3. @Uday A couple of quick comments.... First, you don't need the AND (it's just treated like another search term... so you're also searching for web pages with the word "and" in them). Second, be aware that intext: ONLY scoops up the word next to it as an argument. This query is searching for intext:tourist intext:write ... and then also looks for the words FOR and US. (In particular, it's NOT looking for intext:"write for us" )

    WRT getting multiple copies of a website, that's true--largely because they're all on-topic, all have the words you seek, and are rather different pages. Remember that if you're getting tired of one site intruding pages, you can always remove them with in your query. That will remove them for you.

    1. @Daniel, Thank you for kind reply.., as per your reply since unique web pages cannot be searched using operators..(as this one works

      But, i think it will be a great help for any webmasters / users if such a feature is provided in next coming google updates / search updates OR else if any query that you can discover..,

      thanking you,