Friday, November 30, 2012

1MM #2 - Redlined Spelling

I didn't mean to make this a series, but I pointed this out to someone last week, and they had NO idea this was true.  So here's 1MM #2, why you get those red underlines on your text?  It's not just randomness, but actually something really useful!  

If you CONTROL- on those redlines, your computer will pop-up a set of options... including some possible re-spellings.  Handy, eh? 

NOTE:  Control-Click on a Mac is the moral equivalent of RIGHT-Click on a Windows machine.  (Many thanks to Ramon for pointing this out!)  


  1. Thank You Dr. Russell. I tried (the way I was doing it, didn´t work)and learned something that maybe everybody knows (found the information on the web and did copy paste)

    "Control-clicking on a Mac is equivalent to right-clicking on a Mac or in Windows. Control-clicking usually shows a menu at the location of the mouse cursor, known as a contextual menu.

    To perform a control-click, hold down the control key on your keyboard (the one with "ctrl" or "control" written on it) and click the mouse. If you are using a two button mouse then right-clicking has the same effect."

    Thanks Dr. Russell for helping me each time new way to be better and more efficient.

  2. Thanks for the tipe. I mean tip :-)!!