Monday, November 12, 2012

A few Google Certified Educator Hangouts on 11/13/12

A few Education hangouts with Google Certified Educators tomorrow (Tuesday November 13, 2012) on topics that might be of some interest to you.  

  • 11am EDT --  join +Rita Zeinstejer on her page for: "Connect, Collaborate" (LINK)  From our perspective, a talk about advanced notetaking skills on Google Docs.
  • 1pm EDT -- join Googler +Tina Ornduff along with folks from +National Geographic here on our +Google in Education page for a Hangout that's part of Geography Awareness Weeek (LINK)
  • 5pm EDT -- join +Rich Kiker for a hangout about professional development on "Google Reader and the Connected Educator" (LINK)
  • 7pm EDT --  join +Kevin Brookhouser for "Google Apps & Haiku."  Haiku is a Learning Management System that integrates with Apps (LINK)

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