Friday, January 4, 2013

1MM #6: Finding Maps

Sometimes you want to find a business or a particular thing in the real world.  That's what Google Maps is for... go to and run your query in the Map.

But SOMETIMES you want to find a Map.... that is, a collection of things of a particular kind.  

By using site: you can search for just Maps.

Here's a quick 1MM (1-Minute-Morceau) for you to illustrate the reason why you sometimes want to search on regular Google and sometimes you want to search on 

Search on! 


  1. What a great tool. I have tried in the past to find a map that would identify the mountain peaks in the mountain range I can see from my kitchen window. Never found anything close. Today I found out there was a project that did this very thing. As a hike organizer this is important for many reasons. Have a look.

  2. We could do without the annoying bass beat the narrator is talking over. Brief musical intro, fine; irritating voice-music struggle throughout, not so much.