Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday search challenge (5/15/13): What's YOUR challenge idea?

Well, it finally happened.  I hit an unfortunate triple-witching point this week and I don't have a clever Search Challenge for you.  

Then it occurred to me:  The ultimate search challenge would be... to ask YOU to send in a search challenge!  

So for this week, if you have an idea, even a nascent idea or just an idea-glimmer in the back of your brain pan, drop me a line.  If I use your challenge, I'll definitely acknowledge your contribution and give a shout-out to your personal web-site or social-media connection.  (Note: I reserve the right to edit your challenge questions to fit into the style and structure of SearchResearch.)  

Idea?  Let me know at 

I'll summarize whatever comes in tomorrow.  

Remember:  The point of a search challenge is to be (a) interesting, (b) solvable by using search methods, and (c) have a teaching point to improve your search skills.  

If you think you've got something you'd like to share with SearchResearch, send it in!  I'll be looking! 

Create challenges!  


  1. There is a good question in

    "How tall is the Giant Slide at the Minnesota State Fair?"

  2. 50-foot high - 175-foot long