Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SearchResearch Meetup on Dec 3, 2013 -- somewhere in the greater DC area

As I discussed before, I'd like to try having a MeetUp with SearchResearch folks in the greater DC area on Tuesday evening, Dec 3rd, 2013.

If you're amenable, we'll be getting together at 7PM at a place TBD (but I have a preference for someplace near the Silver Spring Metro stop, as that will simplify transportation for many people, including me).  

If there's a chance you can make it, would you please fill out the following form?  (And for people who can't see this form on their device, please visit this Survey for Dec 3 link.)  

No obligations, but it would be great to see you!  

Other cities in times to come.  Stay tuned.  

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