Thursday, February 6, 2014

More on that wreck in the Carquinez Straits

Excellent work, Researchers!  

But there's more. 

There's another source of information that I don't think anyone has considered yet.  

As wonderful as the newspaper articles are, and as rich as books on the area are, and as fantastic as the local maps are... there is another source for this kind of information.   

Unfortunately, sources almost never rise to the top in an ordinary search, so you have to know about it, and then go looking for them as well. 

Consider looking for local libraries, historical societies, and museums.  (Remember? We talked about the role of libraries and museums in an earlier Search Challenge.)  

The old library in Boulder, CO, home to the local historical archives.

They often collect locally relevant historical information (maps, photos, oral histories), making at least some of their collection available online. 

And even if they don't have a great deal online, they frequently will point to other relevant nearby collections that do.  

As several people have pointed out, this wreck is near the former town of Eckley (so there's no library to find), so you'll have to expand your search to include other nearby towns.  

Pro tip:  In the US (and, I believe in the UK), historical organizations are also sometimes set up at the county level. Search for organizations along those lines, and see what you can find.  

Keep searching!  There's always more to the story... 

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  1. Don't know if someone already mention it. Searched [Eckley] on Google Maps and it shows both Eckley pier and "Garden City Wreckage" marked as an historical landmark an shows also a photo in the imagery.

    "Contra Costa" "historical Society" intext:"Garden City"

    Book: Port Costa Books tells history of "Garden City", images, cards from its time as fishing resort. Also mentions Contra Costa Historical Society.

    [contra costa historical society]

    The Society There use [Garden city site:] No results

    Then searched photos:

    Photos shown also on book previous mentioned

    1. Just to mention that reading posts and replies in the previous post, found that Fred found first the book that I mention here. Nice finding Fred! I'm reading all the information and is very interesting both the answers and the path to get them.

      Also, nice replies and lot of information and I'm sure tomorrow with Dr. Russell's answer, we will have more.

      Thanks for the link, Remmij.

  2. hope this is "K"… or L or J… O snappers ;) to post here… does seem cumbersome to source local resources and often it seemed their site search tools
    were spotty - look forward to learning how to be more efficient with those.

    a precursor to a wave of GLASS vids? were you two wheeling for this challenge question research?
    - 9:40, toward Eckley pier?
    toward C&H & bridge
    B-M bridge
    looking for local sources did lead to the term "Creek Route ferries"
    and found a picture of the "Contra Costa" rail ferry (a slightly larger sister to the Solano) out of the Sonoma County Library:
    Contra Costa
    Martinez Historical Society
    and this from the East Bay Regional Park District -
    Martinez-Benicia Ferry

    speaking of POV vids - (I know, narrative buster…)