Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interesting app to search for a special symbol (symbol recognition)

Question:  Suppose you wanted to use an unusual orthography in your writing.  

For instance, suppose you wanted to insert a Cherokee letter into one of your texts. 

Here's how to do it: 


Draw the character you want (in this case, I draw the Cherokee "U" character just using my mousepad): 

Then, click "Recognize" (bottom left) 

You might have to scroll up a bit, but there it is, the second hit: 

Click on the "More Info" link next to the character you want. 

You can then copy the character on the right (next to "Displayed on your computer as:...")  

And if you have a modern font system, it should be paste-able into your document.  Like this: 

Ꭴ  Ꭴ  Ꭴ  Ꭴ  

Thought you might find this interesting / useful! 

My favorite use case (which is why I went looking for this in the first place):  the infinity symbol. 

Search on!   To , and beyond! 

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  1. Thanks Dr. Russell. It is very interesting and useful. I will try it.

    Also yesterday, learnt how working with text from a photo with Google Drive. It is like the SearchResearch you did about symbols and foreign languages. Very useful too.

    Nice Sunday and a fantastic Summer.