Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm back from vacation... and trying to catch up with your work!

Hi folks.  

I'm now back at home, reading through all of the comments and ideas, all of the back-and-forth everyone's been posting since I left.  Two quick comments spring to mind... 

1.  You guys worked really hard on this!  I see lots of evidence of people putting out ideas, other people testing them, and then other people doing some work, and generally building atop each other's investigations.  This is superb, and exceeds my wildest expectations.  Thanks.  

2.  This is a really hard problem.  I started working on it yesterday, and it's taken me about 4 hours thus far.  (Including dead ends.)  But I see the end, and it will come it at around 5 hours to complete.  (Not counting the writeup.)  It won't be perfect--there will be places mentioned in the text that will be missed--but we should be able to get pretty good accuracy.  Details tomorrow. 

To slightly complicate things, I had a great time on my vacation.  Turns out the resort did have Wifi, but it was a bit spotty; trying to do any real work would have been crazy-making.  

The good news is that the South Pacific was fantastic.  

And the bad news is that the moment I got home I was hammered with a bad case of the flu, so I'm barely functioning.  My solution won't be as clean and beautiful as I would have liked, but it'll be there. 

More tomorrow.  I'll post a few comments in the group today, but the answer will be on Wednesday.  (With no new challenge this week.  You've worked hard enough.  Take a week off yourself!)  

Dan enjoying the surface interval between dives.

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  1. Hello Dr. Russell. Glad you enjoyed your vacation time and also that you are back!

    Yes, it is a hard SearchResearch Challenge and I have learned a lot and also being able to know new tools, new ways and also being able to know more about some of my peers. New people have joined us and also I have discovered amazings projects.

    I know, that I will learn a lot with your answer and your method.

    Hope you feel perfect from the flu very soon.