Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm teaching a class on Google Books next week (Sept 23rd, 2014)

Want to be Google Books wizard? If you're in Mountain View on 9/23/14, you can take my (free) class at the Plex.  

Register by clicking on this link.  

It starts at 6PM, runs till 7:30, with dinner (free!) to follow.  

You should already be a Books user (but I suspect that most of you reading this are)... 

Feel free to pass around to folks you know in the Mountain View / Palo Alto / Santa Clara / Menlo Park area that might have an interest in this. 

See you then. 

- Dan 


  1. That sounds great. Hope one day I can be in real life in one of your courses, Dr. Russell.

  2. Any chance you could post it online for those in other areas?

  3. welcome back from paradise - long have we been in purgatory…
    cathy's office of the dead
    (that may be where the flu virus emanates from?)
    worth the zoomify
    did you see any remnants of the Bethia or Amelia… Chuuk, Ruk, Hogoleu, Torres, Ugulat, and Lugulus? It is a vast space.

    "Life is purgatory at all times, & a swindle & a crime -- yesterday it was hell.
    - Mark Twain, Letter to William D. Howells, 24 September 1902"