Monday, May 4, 2015

A new video on SITE: from Google's Media team

The good people at the +Google for Media just posted a new video about how to use the site: operator.  Regular Readers of SRS know this, and I have to admit that site: is the operator I use the most.  

Still, it's nice to see this new, classy video showing a couple of nice examples.  Beautifully done by Joyce Hau and the Google for Media team.  (I consult with them from time to time, so this wasn't a surprise to me--but I was happy to see the high production value! Good job!) 

I note, for generality, that this site: operator also works in the same way on  


And Search On! 


  1. Fwiw: If using Chrome extension search-the-current-site: auto searches the current site (using selected text if any as default)

    This used to be provided by the old Google Toolbar and was the thing I missed most when it was withdrawn.

  2. Excellent reminder of how to use SITE with quotation marks. Good to see the operator placed ahead of the search terms. Thank-you for posting.