Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PowerSearchingWithGoogle MOOC restarting on Feb 8th, 2016!

I'm happy to say... 

.... that we're re-opening the PowerSearchingWithGoogle.com MOOC.  As you know, this is the online course that covers a lot of basic search skills (such as advanced operators) and a bit of intermediate skills (such as how to evaluate the quality / credibility of a resource you find online).  

The newest incarnation of the course starts on Feb 8th and runs for two weeks.  

After that, I'll be running it every two weeks until the middle of June.  (Between you and me, my hope is to get at least 100K people to register for the course.  I'd really like to change the way people search online!) 

In any case, please let your friends (especially teacher and librarian friends) know about the course. 

The course is free to anyone who wants to take it.  

Register now and be a better SearchResearcher in just two short weeks!  

I'll look for you in the course.  

Promo Video 

Sample Video from the course. 


  1. Dan, I started working on the course today, and can't wait to share it with my students. Is the forum not open until Feb. 8th? I get an error message when I try to access it. Thanks!

    1. Should be open now. It works for me. Can you DM me with the error at drussell+pswg@google.com ?

  2. Excited to attend this. :)
    One little suggestion - where you have "In any case, please let your friends (especially teacher and librarian friends) now about the course." Now should KNOW. :) Cheers

  3. Having difficulties registering for Power Searching MOOC , starting Feb. 8th. Can you advise?

    1. Can you say a LITTLE bit more about what the problem is? (Can't debug it without a bit more information.)

    2. Sorry, figured out the registration! Looking foreward to an interesting experience