Wednesday, April 10, 2019

SearchResearch Challenge (4/10/19): What's that logo?

Our visual world is full of logos and brandmarks... 

Just how many do you know?  Probably thousands.  

Recently, SRS Regular Reader Jacob sent me this wonderful holiday card he received that was made up entirely of logos.  Designed by Marc Reiner, it's a gem of a card design.  

I recognized a bunch of logos immediately (Pintrest, Amazon, etc.) -- but can you name them all?   I couldn't.

Logo holiday card by Marc S. Reiner (Hand Baldachin and Assoc. LLP)

This card reminds me that being able to identify the parts of a larger ensemble can be a valuable skill to have.  

Here is our three-part Challenge for the week: 

1.   Can you identify all of the logos shown here?  What are they?
2.  If you wanted to search just for logos, is there a way to do just that?  How about just searching for logos in the EU?  
3.  For what  product is this the logo?  (The usual tricks might/might-not work here.)  

As always, let us know how you did it.  Share your expertise with all of the SRS readers!  

Search on! 


  1. HAPPY:
    History Channel, Amazon, pinterest, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Yale
    Holiday Inn, Old Spice, Lego, Nat Geo, Dove Soap, Adidas, Yahoo, Subway (Old Spice & Dove helped by inclusion of pictograms)

    the logo needs to be pretty much instantly recognizable and intertwined with the brand…
    of the 13, I knew 8 straight away, image searched the others and came up with reasonable matches
    the lower case 'a' in "holidays" was the most difficult because it is relatively non-descript & easily
    could have come from at least two brands - adidas and/or airbnb - which raises the question of distinctness & which version of the logo is
    the one that clicks with the masses… also age/brand awareness by segment/market plays a role.
    remember a multi colored  and a multi colored search engine?

    3.1 Phillip Lim
    Nat Geo (a little harder because just colors…)
    initially wanted to say 'abc', but not it - adidas or airbnb…

    Pura premium cat food
    another version

    reverse logo search tools… includes Europe only tool

    1. Hi Remmij!

      Reading again this comment, you made me remember Martin Lindstrom's books. He studies small data and talks about brands and service. That is why his business card is so identificable too. Also remember the story about Coke's bottle history.

      You mention A from Adidas was the most difficult. For me, the O with the caravels and Phililip Lim (never seen that before) to find, you cut and paste in the tools?

      Some weeks ago, we searched and researched for garbage and today I read and listened this:
      BBC News - Can you spot ocean plastic from space?

      Not related to garbage recycling nor logos and interesting (related to technology)is LiDAR now used as an acronym of light detection and ranging. And used, for example, in
      Mayas discovered with

    2. remmij: Props on the Pura cat; I too got there after many clicks but found what I see now, was an early version. Close but no tuna. A quick search for Cat neon lamp finds a fairly similar puss; but alas its not the right one. jon

    3. the Pura Cat must have a stealthy alter-ego… Ninja Cat-san near a sea wall
      blue heron yoga
      what is searched in an image & can it be trusted…?
      image search

  2. Hello Dr. Russell. Once again very interesting.I'll try 2 and 3 later.

    About Q1:

    1. Can you identify all of the logos shown here? What are they?

    No, I can identify most of them but not all. I don't recognize the second P. In the Y not sure if it is Yale University Logo or Yale clothing. The O, never seen that before. And the a (bold) looks familiar.

    Not sure what you mean with: What are they?

    H: History Channel
    A: Amazon
    P: Pinterest
    P: ?
    Y: Yale Clothing or University, not sure.
    H: Holiday Inn
    O: ?
    L: Lego
    I: National Geographic. Not sure why they chose this as an I. It looks like an I.
    D: Dove soap
    A: ?
    Y: Yahoo
    S: Subway Sandwiches

    About Q3, For what product is this the logo?

    The cat looks familiar. It looks like a famous french cat store. Not sure. Most likely my memory is playing tricks. And in Q2, the European Union question is very interesting. Not sure how to answer for that.

    Searched by image the cat adding [cat logo] Result shows: Pura premium cat food. Then, searched, same image with [Pura premium cat food]

    Looks like a client asked for new logo and this is one of the proposals made

    Thought about Q2 (as I had a break due to technical difficulties)so this morning, tried
    [How to search logo]...To run a search on this logo, you should first navigate to the USPTO website.

    While searching found Is Your Logo Too Similar to Another? Do a Reverse Logo Search And, I think the a in the holiday card is A from Adidas.

    With [famous logos] searching for the P and the O with the caravels (tried the tool in Bing to make cut and zoom (didn't find the answer) , Hidden meanings. Some not so hidden

    Also trying the tools in WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)

    Thanks, Remmij, for the photo of the black hole. It is amazing. Glad that Mexico's telescope was one of the 8 used in the connection (@gtmlmt_oficial)

    1. Hi Remmij. Thanks! Recently saw special program about LMT not sure if it is available worldwide. So I'll use the restriction checker tool.

      3.1 Phillip Lim is new for me! I will need to search for them. Old Spice, know the brand but logo not a clue. Curious thing the NatGeo! Is a window but also looks like an I.

      Searching for that video, found this one, from almost 2 years ago!

      The Event Horizon Telescope - Hello from the LMT by Katie Bouman

      The one I mention, is restricted for USA and Canada but available for other countries (once I asked why? and told me it is because it is a premium channel in those countries)


      Also recently, saw a great NatGeo Show about Grand Canyon. It is so big, beautiful and in danger: mines, helicopters, humans and more Grand Canyon 100 years Not the show I saw on TV

    2. We did a reverse search on the logos we didn't recognize. We cropped the image to get each individual letter. We started with the second p in Happy. From reverse image search we found that the P matched the Philip Lim, a designer,logo.
      Still can't find the I
      we thought the a was from adidas so just did a search of their logo
      For the final S we did a reverse image search and found it was for Subway
      Off on our spring break now so we'll try to get back to this!

    3. In this occasion, decided to SRS about the ships in the O that I didn't recognize

      [ships old spice logo history]

      The original ships used on the packaging were ...

      Then searched for a timeline to see the logos change

      How Old Spice Swaggerized Their Brand And Men Everywhere

      [Define Swagger]

      And while reading about logos, read many times, words like Vector and PNG specially. PNG is known but wanted to know Vector and the difference between them

      [Difference vector png]


  3. 1)Off the top of our heads Anne and I knew the following:
    H-History Channel
    H-Holiday Inn
    O-Old Spice

  4. 1)Off the top of our heads Anne and I knew the following:
    H-History Channel
    H-Holiday Inn
    O-Old Spice

  5. A creative use of logos, although I don't understand why National Geographic is the I. That is Illogical and Inconsistent. I would have preferred the Indiana Rail Road (

    1. There are lots of i-shaped logos out there. I assume there are creative reasons at work here. (Maybe NatGeo was a customer?)