Friday, June 28, 2019

A little hiccup before the answer to... How much DO we know about history / math / geography?

It's been a busy week... 

... for me, and I just couldn't quite get the time to write up the answer to this week's Challenge.  

On the other hand, it's been a very fun week.  I was at a small conference (the Human Computer Interaction Consortium) near Watsonville, CA.  (You could look it up!) But I had to suffer with a conference venue that looked largely like this:  

I know, it's a tough life... but someone has to do the research!  And, in truth, these small conferences are the best possible venue for professional communication. 

But between attending the conference (not on the beach, but in ordinary-looking conference rooms), holding down my "regular" job, and even more traveling for family reasons, there just wasn't the time.  

I've been thinking about SRS and exploring how to best answer the Challenge... and early next week I'll do a couple of posts on this large and interesting question of "how do we research the level of knowledge of different people" on a given topic!  This is not one of the easier SRS Challenges we've had.  

Keep searching... and I'll be back early next week with my answers and reflections on what makes this kind of question so tricky.  

Search on! 


  1. (somehow this seems related to writing — where's an editor when you need one… or two?)
    a SERP - discovered thru compter interaction…
    a fellow HCIC traveler
    birds (you've been there before as I recall…)
    speaking of birds… cranes fly, deer sighs, world turns…

    a near haiku:
    Present President - A Haiku
    by Anonymous

    On the tranquil cranes
    A zen president whisper
    only to the deer

    there is a generator for that…
    fake comments… still I feel artificially and virtually inflated… the interaction was partially successful… and failed moderately:
    Auto Praise for President - A Haiku
    "The juxtaposition of president and deer is truly inspired."
    - The Daily Tale
    "I don't like short poems. So why am I reviewing a haiku, you may wonder? Well, I liked the title - 'President'. It went down hill from there."
    - Enid Kibbler
    "Amazing how so few words can set a scene so perfectly. I close my eyes and all I can see is the on the tranquil cranes."
    - Hit the Spoof
    "I felt that I was a president. It was spooky. I hope to read more by Anonymous. Perhaps next time, something longer."
    - Zob Gloop
    "I've always wanted to write a haiku about a president. I can't belive Anonymous has beaten me to it."
    - Betty Borison

  2. Just to wish Dr. Russell and all SearchReSearchers in The United States and Americans in all the World a happy and blessed 4th of July.