Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A talk in DC at the American Library Association conference (Saturday, June 22, 2019)

For folks in the DC area... 

My "Joy of Search" book tour continues with a stop at the American Library Association (ALA) this coming Saturday, June 22, 2019. 

If you happen to be attending the conference in DC, I'm talking at 10:30AM in room 145A at the DC convention center. (You need to register for the conference...)  

Come find me there! 

(The books are still in production, so I won't have any to sign.  That will be coming soon!) 

(Note that if you can't make this event, don't panic, there will be more. I'll post events as they happen, and even try to organize a Meet-Up or two in the process.  I'll even come back to DC in September.)  


  1. uhhh… Dan, there already appears to be a Chinese pirated copy available on Amazon… signed —
    didn't have to search for it… just showed up as a Google pop-up ad… ;•P

    Happy Book Tour!

  2. Dan, Anne and I are going to ALA! For the first time ever. But we are coming down by train and will just be getting in to DC at the time you are speaking. Are you going to be around any other time on Sat. or Sunday even. Anne and I would love to meet up!