Monday, October 5, 2020

PowerSearching course now on edX platform!

Exclusive SearchResearch news flash! 

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The PowerSearchingWithGoogle online class is moving to the edX platform!  

If you're a Regular Reader of SearchResearch, this is a course you might have already taken.  But for teachers and people who want a recommendation about where can I learn all this stuff, here's an opportunity to get a quick dose of what it means to be a skilled online researcher.  

I've wanted to make this shift for a while--the old platform was growing increasingly difficult to maintain.  So when the edX folks offered to host PowerSearchingWithGoogle, I was extraordinarily pleased.  They'll keep the boilers fired up and at the correct pressure, fixing little things as they go haywire from time to time.  

The course is an updated version of the old course (hurrah!), and comes in two flavors.  

(A) FREE:  You can audit the course for free and get all of the experiences and lessons that I've created. 

(B) Certificate:  You can pay some amount of money and take the course for a certificate.  Bear in mind that it's a certificate from edX saying that you've passed all of the tests given in the course.  It doesn't have any additional credential than that--but if that's what you want, it's an option for you.  

There will be an official announcement from edX and Google coming later this week--but I wanted you to have the insider  knowledge that comes with being a SearchResearch reader. 

To get to the new edX course: (on edX)

Note that you need to create a (free!) edX account beforehand.  Then you just register for the course and start enjoying.  

Of course, if you find  any bugs, let me know and I'll fix them! 

Search on! 


  1. I just entered a comment about a big bug but it got swallowed when I hit Publish.

    1. Would love to hear about it! A quick version will do.

  2. I missed the free part when going to register. Is there some sort of Houdini magic to get it free?

  3. Related to Craig's comment above, can you clarify the "free" description of this course? EdEx warns users that audit access expires 11/10/20 and requires an upgrade (beyond my budget) to maintain access. However, I see a note from you indicating that "this instance of the Power Searching With Google course is now open forever!" Does your message mean that free audit access will be available after 11/20/20?

  4. Hi Dan,
    I took the paid version of the course but after finishing all modules I did not get a Certificate. Please help.

    1. I'm not sure I can help too much. But DM me and I'll see what I can do.