Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Where's Dan? A slight SRS delay this week...


I knew I'd be traveling this week, 

.. but I also foolishly thought I'd have more time that reality allows.  You know how it is: your trip seems like it will be all perfect timing and a relaxing time, but then reality pours in new tasks to do, people to see, and questions to answer. And that's what's happened to me.  

This is actually a work trip, and by looking at the above pic, with the blue and white flag atop the church, you'll know exactly where I'm at.  Can you deduce my location from the flag alone?  (If not, it's open internet--I'm sure you can figure out what church this is...)  

I'll be back next week with my solution to the previous SRS Challenge (the one about elephants in Wisconsin).  

Search on!  


  1. Ich hoffe, Sie genießen die Aussicht auf die Berge. Sind Sie dort, um eines Ihrer Bankkonten zu besuchen oder auf einer Konferenz zu sprechen?

    1. Weder. Ich bin hier, um eine Klasse an der Universität zu unterrichten.

  2. I figured it out rather quickly, but not by doing search. However, once I knew, I decided to try and do search, to see if I could get the same answer that way.

    * Image search: Country flag blue white - No results, so it's not for a country.
    * Image search: Provincial city flag blue white - Too many results

    The church looks like Gothic-style cathedrals in Europe that I've seen pictures of, so I narrowed my searches that way

    * Image search: European flag blue white - no results
    * Search: flag half blue half white europe - no results
    * Image search: flag half blue half white europe province - First result was from Reddit, with a lot of flags. Went there, and clicked on the link for it ( And, around where Switzerland is, I saw one that looked a lot like it.
    * Image search: swiss flag half blue half white - Saw it in the third result (, so I went there. And, I saw that it was Zurich's flag. So, you're in Zurich.

    Next question: Where in Zurich is that church?

    Search: Zurich cathedral - Top result was, which I went to. You were by Grossmünster cathedral, which was finished in 1220 CE, and was built on the site of a church that Charlemagne supposedly commissioned. Also, Huldrych Zwingli started the Swiss-German reformation there.

    So, where were you standing when you took that photo?

    * Google maps - Grossmünster Zurich: Went to street view. And, by moving around and comparing images of that cathedral with the picture you posted, I found you were on the Munster bridge over the river Limmat, and were looking east.

  3. was searching for something to search… curiosity is a malady suffered by more than cats… (no image search used)
    I'll leave you to deduce the source…
    try a Keller fennel Wiedikerli… & some Birchermüesli — die Uni genießen

    it is a beautiful print
    T. Killion
    the tee…
    mr. Clegg — Rudi de Wet
    Johnny, Jesse, Jaron
    the next gen
    is it Kanton or Canton?
    Swiss order of precedence
    HCI and AI: The human aspects of designing and building AI and ML systems – FRI, 1 July

  4. I love easy ones like this - I didn't even do a search. I just clicked on the .jpg and saw how it was tagged/described, then double checked that photo description with a quick Google search and saw the photo confirmation and sentence The Grossmünster is a Romanesque-style Protestant church in Zürich, Switzerland.

  5. all about interface… and then replacing the "face" part, at least that's what the machine told me… or was it the bio-meatbag?
    notable – 15 years & accelerating
    next generation
    humor or cruelty

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  7. First I tried to find the flag using the crop tool on Bing - but not much there. Then I entered "blue" "white" "flag" but too much came up in the images so I put in my default term for something like this i.e. the word "database" and searched for "flag" "database". I seem to recall something like this years ago - maybe not from you - but recognised - which (on Bing) was the 3rd one down. (Sorry - Google does need to up its game as this one wasn't in the first 10 or so results for me, although using an alternative search "flag identifier" it was number one). This quickly came up with which is the flag of Zurich in Switzerland.

    I then confirmed this with a reverse image search on the picture to get the Grossmünster in Zurich.ünster

  8. An addition to my previous answer. While searching for blue and white flags, I came across this site that caught my attention: which states "The white-blue-white (white-azure-white) flag is a symbol of the free Russia of the future. The flag was coined by an online community opposing the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine at the end of February 2022. The very next day after the first mention on social networks, Russians abroad took to peaceful protests with a white-blue-white flag instead of the official Russian flag.".

    I was also curious on why you were in Switzerland. A bit of Googling (e.g. LinkedIn) showed you were adjunct professor at the University of Zurich - except this was an old position. However was this now live again post-Covid - there's a Dept of Informatics Summer School taking place now with you giving a lecture on 1st July 2022 on HCI and AI: The human aspects of designing and building AI and ML systems - except this is supposed to "Online Only". So the students are really privileged to have you in person this year. I'm assuming that's the reason for your trip to Switzerland. (If not, my attempts at stalking need to be improved!)

    1. You are 100% right! Great SRS, Art! (I don't know why it was listed as "online," the plan was always for me to be here in person.

  9. Thanks for the easy search challenge. I started with 'white blue flag' in Google. Lots of image results. Changed to 'blue and white diagonal flag', which led me to the Canton of Zurich. Confirmed with a search of 'Zurich flag'. Next search was 'Zurich famous church', which of course led to Enjoy your time in Switzerland! Please eat some chocolate for me (but not this kind -