Monday, June 24, 2024

SearchResearch hit 5 million reads!

When I started writing... 

P/C Dalle-3. I tried to show 5M people, but that's a bit too much... 

... SearchResearch back in 2010, I wasn't sure how many people would be interested in reading about the fine details of online research.  It was unclear how many folks would want to spend part of each week learning how to Search-by-Image, or use some obscure Google Maps function, or even how to use online dictionaries to find just the right word. 

But here we are, 14 years, 1,402 posts and 14,050 comments later.  More impressively, we just clicked over on our 5-millionth online read!  I know some number of those reads are bots, but if each reader spent (on average) 1 minute / read, that's a total of 28.5 years of people reading SRS for 8 hours / day.  

FWIW, I know this is a pretty serious undercount of human read-time--SRS is syndicated in a couple of different places that I know about, and I see copies of the posts all over the place that are unofficial reposts.  I don't have data for all of those.  

But for just the SearchResearch posts you see here on Blogger, the data looks like this: 

There are a few fun spikes in the data (such as that spike in Feb, 2024, when we had 91K readers in a single week when I wrote a piece about AI and search).  But in general, SRS has around 1,000 readers each day, averaging around 32K / month.  

And, for those of you who remember the PowersearchWithGoogle MOOC (our online class, still available at edX).. the last time I checked the numbers there, we had around 5M students take that course, so there's clearly a demand for this kind of knowledge.   
FWIW, the accumulated watch time of those videos was greater than 400 years of total watching!  It's frightening to consider that my talking head has been on someone's YouTube screen for more than 400 years of 24 hours Dan-talking-about-search each day.  

My thanks go to all of you for dropping by and checking out the latest in online research methods.  Who knew that we'd be quite so large a community!  

Many more thanks to our regular contributors.  You know who you are, and I'm grateful for all of you.  

As we say... 

Keep searching! 

(Or as we used to say, "Search on!")  

-- Dan 


  1. Congratulations and thanks to you, Dr. Russell!

    I found your Blog in 2013 with the MOOC. Do you know where Tasha is now?

    14050 comments. Plus the ones deleted for Remmij, the ones deleted for the system glitch and the ones that for many reasons got lost.

    Thanks for keeping Searching, Dr. Russell. Btw, why we don't use " Search On" anymore.

    Cheers for the Joy of Search. For everyone here and for those that come even if they don't post. And in specific to you, Dr. Russell

    1. I'm wondering. How are added to the sum those that read the Blog through be subscribed to your email and those that read you in third party sites that also post the Challenges?

      I am sure SearchReSearch has much more than 5 millions reads

    2. "Search On" is part of Google's marketing branding. Since I'm no longer there, it seemed wise to stop using it myself.

      Tasha is still out and about, teaching here in the Valley.

    3. Thanks Dr Russell.

      I thought the phrase was yours. In any case The Joy of Search and Keep Searching are great too. Maybe we can find another?

      Thanks for telling us about Tasha. In the MOOC, I had the pleasure to be in a video call with her.

      That MOOC was a fantastic experience. And keep Searching with you, it's even better

    4. a little background on the market brand -
      ah, the beach life - (& they have lawyers)
      "Search Off - the Clapper"

      "One thing is for sure: I can't remember a more exciting time to be in the search industry."

      "How many lawyers does Google have?
      Our legal department today consists of more than 900 legal team members, a significant growth from the one lawyer that made up the legal department in 2001."
      a bit lacking & a little whacky with images -
      who's the author?
      "perish from fools…"

  2. a milestone to be sure, congrats! provocative & thought-provoking.
    as I Searched, De/UnSearched, Researched, ran across
    a recent Swiss lesson you offered - led to metacognition dysphoria…
    while trying to recall Dan/Don/Dawn Wrasse -
    K or C & ß:
    "The name has a number of spellings, including Konrad Gessner, Konrad Gesner, Conradi Gesneri, Conrad Geßner, Conrad Gesner, Conrad von Gesner, Cuonrat and Cunrat. The single-"s" Gesner derives incorrectly from the Latin form Conradus Gesnerus."
    (now I need to find $125k)
    A. Toffler - is there a reason he died in his sleep? is sleep a future?
    Ann Blair appears -
    my memory is faulty - need to watch the video again -
    but need to sleep first -
    Dan, keep writing/keep searching!


    1. …forgot to include your hanzi (汉字/漢字)
      (had a POTUSheimer's moment — too soon?)
      thought there really should be an"AI" button…

    2. just for grins —

  3. given metacognition, will there be a follow-up tome? ;^P -
    The Torment of (misguided) Search
    "Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difficulty." Bob Algor
    often grows into a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end. algorithm - a Frosty fact.

      “The Search Engine Not Taken”
      from Henk:

  4. are you ever tempted?
    "A thing said walks in immortality
    If it has been said well.
    NULL PINDAR, Greek poet, Odes, 5th century BC"

  5. the other (or another) Chekhov -
    "Chekov: A madman got us into this, and it's beginning to look as if only a madman can get us out.
    Mr. Spock: An entertaining suggestion, Mr. Chekov, but not very helpful."