Friday, December 10, 2010

Search challenge continues!

Well, nobody has sent in anything even approaching an answer.  (And I haven't had much luck yet in the 60 minutes I've been searching so far.)  So, I'm suggesting that work on this a bit more!

Check back tomorrow...

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  1. I was coming up empty with searches for obvious searches using combinations of words like [Long Island canals], [south Long Island channels]. Zooming out a bit and finding area names such as [Brosewere Bay] or [Five Towns] also didn't give me any explanation for the lines.

    After Hans posted his comment I wanted to see if I could find what he found. I searched for a phrase from his comment and found the pdf he was referncing (it would have been too easy to follow the link.)
    I then did a search for [Suffolk County mosquito control] but the maps I saw didn't quite match where you posted your image. I believe that image is located in Nassau County. Searched for [Nassau county mosquito control] and that got me to
    Reading that I saw the word "ditching". Doing a search for [ditching mosquito control] gives you plenty of information.

    Looking back I was thinking too big in the way of canals and channels as well as throwing out searches for dredging and tidal controls. With the direction I was going I don't think I would have found it without Hans' posting.