Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday Search Challenge (Dec 15, 2010): How to pronounce "Llewellyn"?

Let's do a fairly simple one this week (I'll explain why tomorrow).  

My daughter is a voracious reader, and often comes across proper names from exotic places.  Yet sometimes, the words seem familiar, and yet can have an unexpected twist.  One of these books has a character with an unusual name: Llewellyn.  I know from other reading that Llewellyn is a names from the UK. 

Question for us today is this:  

How do you pronounce Llewellyn in its original language?  And, given the difficulty of this particular name, can you find a native speaker saying the name aloud? 

Hint:  It's NOT "lew-ellen"!

Search on! 


  1. I tried first to find [British pronunciation llewellyn] and while looking at the results remembered the Google Translate had sound files for translation. I went over there to translate English to Welsh (previous results told me Llewellyn is of Welsh origins) and got|cy|llewellyn
    The translation sounded mechanical and not so good.

    Next search [llewellyn pronunciation sound] hit it at the top with a site called Pronounce Names

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Just go Forvo

    There's a pronunciation recorded from SW UK

    I like your blog very much.