Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (Jan 12, 2011): Where is...

It's a simple request, really.  A friend was reading a book and ran across a reference to the Sea Of Gazelles.  

The challenge today is pretty straightforward:  Where is it?  (Specifically, can you give a lat/long for this place?  In the middle of it will do...) 

This time, I know it's a real place--and there's a small trick to finding it rapidly and accurately.  

Search on!  




    I have no idea how to check lat/long


  3. Sudarshan & Anna -- Can you tell us... how did you find The Sea of Gazelles? Any special tricks needed?

    (How to do lat/long revealed later today!)

  4. A quick google search for "sea of gazelles" in quotes shows the appropriate Bahr el Ghazal Wikipedia entry which clues you into the translation. Doing that search leads quickly to this 1911 EncycloBrit entry ( that starts thusly:

    BAHR-EL-GHAZAL, the chief western affluent of the river Nile, N.E. Africa, which it joines in 9° 30' N., 30° 25' E.

  5. Doing a Google search with "Sea of Gazelles" returns the Wikipedia entry as the third hit and the snippet of the hit indicates that "Sea of Gazelles" is English for Bahr_el_Ghazal.