Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday Search Challenge (Jan 19, 2011): What's that sculpture in front of the Hyatt in Tokyo?

This week, a somewhat easier puzzle.  

I'm in Tokyo on a business trip, and that leads me to the following little puzzle.  

Can you figure out what the sculpture is in front of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Tokyo?   It's the sculpture at the main outside entrance.  

(Just a description of it would be good enough.)  

Search on! 


  1. Using Google Maps and street view, I managed to "walk" my way over to this:

    On another tack, a Flickr search for -- "grand hyatt" tokyo entrance - revealed this, which enlightens as to what the statue is, i.e. Roppongi Hills.

  2. I also used Google Maps Street view to look around. Where the place marker puts you there is very creative orange bench but I didn't think a bench as sculpture was what you were looking for so kept moving to find the entrance.

    Couldn't really tell so I fired up Google Earth. Knowing that sometimes objects other than buildings are done in 3D I turned that on but still nothing popped up.

    Turned on Panoramio images and got this

    Did a similar search on Flickr [grand hyatt tokyo stone] and found these pictures

    It looks like a fountain from the back side.

  3. I was so fast, I thought I was going to win on this one, but I see I've been well and roundly beaten!

    Additionally, you can turn on the photos layer in Google Maps, and one of the best images is labeled "roppongi hills".